Choose web-based services ranging from simple screen sharing to sophisticated collaboration environments.

Flexible Solutions

Integrate audio, video and screen sharing for a comprehensive and engaging web conferencing experience simple enough to start in a couple of clicks.

As businesses consider how to drive innovation and collaboration, flexible conferencing solutions are top of mind.

Remote workforces, mobile technology and globalization are changing the foundations of conducting business. More users from more locations means a growing demand for efficient communications technology.

Organizations are increasingly reliant on web-based communication solutions that join disparate attendees for webinars, virtualized meetings, conferencing, and education purposes. Additionally, with the rise of global workforces, many businesses are turning to web conferencing services that enhance productivity for remote users by providing a rich set of media sharing options.

Investing in new communications solutions requires an understanding of current and future requirements to find the right service that meets business objectives. In order to ensure a holistic perspective on potential investments, many companies turn to experienced resources like Select Communications. Select’s industry experience provides companies side-by-side feature comparisons from top-rated vendors to pair any business with the right web conferencing solution.

What to Consider When Evaluating Web Conferencing Solutions

Consider the following benchmark elements of a web conferencing solution before making your final decision. With the right list of requirements to inform purchasing, companies can make smarter web conferencing investments and maximize ROI.

Features and Functionality

  • Is the capacity scalable per individual meeting requirements?
  • Can you schedule meetings easily? (Improves user adoption)
  • Does it require peripheral hardware/software?

End-User Experience

  • Does it accommodate attendees on a moblie device?
  • Is uploading and sharing rich media efficient and time-sensitive?
  • How much bandwidth does it use, and can it account for remote worker requirements?

Overall Cost

  • What is the cost relative to existing audio conferencing solutions?
  • Does it use VoIP or a flat rate toll number? (Going to the vendor for a flat rate toll number usually means they’ll charge three to four times market value)

Leverage an Expert Opinion

If you have any questions regarding a current or future web conferencing project, talk with an expert at Select Communications. With our decades of experience researching, purchasing and installing web conferencing solutions, we can provide an unbiased perspective on a wide range of vendor options, so you can choose the right soIution for your specific requirements.