Easily share your computer screen, documents and applications online in real-time so you can start working with remote colleagues and partners in seconds, wherever they are. With its intuitive interface, Anywhere is so simple to use that it will be adopted immediately.

Share your screen, applications, whiteboards or documents with colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients online in seconds with this easy, intuitive conferencing service.

Discover our attractive Anywhere One-Rate offer – audio and/or web conferencing for just one, low fixed price per month.


  • Quick share buttons for fast, intuitive sharing of screens, applications, whiteboards or documents
  • Moderator console has an easy, yet comprehensive icon-driven conference control panel
  • Instant access from your web browser, no download required
  • Instant invitations for inviting new participants anytime during conferences
  • Public and private chat pop-ups when new messages are received
  • Audio and web recording for instant editing and sharing of content
  • One-click audio access activates instant call-back for joining conferences
  • Mobile integration for conferencing on-the-go with iPad and Android apps for tablets
  • Very Affordable Solution with Quick Roll Out
  • Plug & Play: Instant access from your web browser
  • Simple and user friendly, leading to immediate adoption by users, with only minimal user training required
  • Remote control of another desktop
  • Real-Time Sharing and Collaboration Tools
  • Share documents, presentations, applications or your entire screen
  • Use annotations and whiteboard tools to draw attention to specific points
  • View participants’ role & status list, while modify roles if needed
  • Open a chat box to communicate in private, to a specific group or publicly