Technology Consulting Services


Industry-Leading Technology Consulting

Large Partner Portfolio

With over 350 partners, you can evaluate multiple suppliers efficiently.

Technical Expertise

Our team of engineers and consultants will assist you in evaluation suppliers from every technology sector.

Customer Service

Our team will handle all the heavy lifting. From implementation and training to ongoing customer service.

Guaranteed Low Rates

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how low a vendor will discount their services? Work with our team and you will. Our customers always receive the lowest rates and best terms.

Brands That Trust Us

Our Technical Consulting Services

Find the best options for your business at the lowest price. Our consulting services use the latest technology to fix your business challenges while offering you reliable and attentive customer experience.

Connectivity & SD-WAN

Make your wish list, then let our connectivity advisors find you the solutions that check all the boxes—and we’ll do it at no cost.

Small Business Phone Systems

Give us your phone system wish list, and we’ll build a heat map of the solutions that deserve your attention—then our technology management consulting will handle the rest.

Operator Assisted Audio

Stay focused on your business, and let our experts professionally manage your business-critical conference calls.

Cloud Phone Systems

Reduce costs while improving connectivity with a cloud-based phone system. Our IT technology consultants will help deploy a scalable system that grows with your business.


Our business technology consulting services keep a proactive eye on emerging threats and evolving trends for you, delivering an end-to-end managed security solution that never surprises you.

Telecom Auditing

Make hidden fees and inflated bills a thing of the past. Work with experienced technology strategy consultants to identify and implement telecom consulting solutions that cut cost, not connectivity.

Cloud & Colocation

A cloud or colocation solution might be for you, and we can take the work of finding, vetting and negotiating with a carrier off your plate.

Network Services

Add our network engineers to your staff so we can do the heavy lifting and you can focus on your strategy and operations.

Select Communications by the Numbers


Average cost savings


Customer retention rate


Prospects that choose the products we recommend


Years of experience

Business Technology Consulting Services That Significantly Improve Productivity

Empower your business to grow when you get the right technology, sourced and negotiated with our white glove services.

How Our Technology Consultants Make Your Life Easier

Solution-Specific Expertise

Our team of product engineers will assess your business needs, determine the best solution, and ensure the implementation is done correctly.  

Actionable Intel 

Backed by proprietary technology, we distill the most complex product data down to concise information you can actually use to make business decisions.

You-Focused Solutions

Evaluate only the vendors that are relevant to your business—everything from high-profile carriers to ultra-niche providers.

Forever Support

When we say we value your customer service, we mean it—your dedicated account manager will be the only call you have to make throughout the lifecycle of your investment.

Unrivaled Accountability

Vendors come and go, but your  Select Communications advisor is a constant—and if a vendor drops the ball, we drop them from our portfolio, no questions asked.

Guaranteed Low Rates

When we say we’ll get you lower rates than you’d get from working directly with a carrier, we guarantee it.

What Our Clients Say About Our Business Technology Consulting Service

What Makes Us Stand Out

Backed by unmatched insight

technology consulting
Ditch the Endless Product Demos and Email Correspondence
  • We take care of your IT planning so that your team can focus on your core business, delivering the best possible product and services. 
  • We advise on solutions for voice, data, conferencing, cloud and security. 
Partners First, Technology Consultants Second
  • We relieve the burden of IT challenges so that your teams are equipped with the best tools to do their job at all times.
  • We leverage deep industry relationships and experience across every size of business to ensure that your digital transformation is successful – and with the right-sized packages tailored for your industry and company.
Enterprise-Level Buying Power and Decision Making for Every Client
  • We audit, reorganize, and restructure your technology stack from the ground up. 
  • We do this to bring order to your IT so that you can feel confident about your IT department, and make appropriate decisions about future investments.
technology consulting services
White Glove Approach to Customer Service
  • We’ll never treat your business as just another number – we take the time to get to know your business needs and build long lasting relationships. 
  • We do this so we can be agile in our approach to managing your technology and provide superior ongoing customer support.
Terms and Conditions Only Available to Select Communications
  • We facilitate digital transformations so that your tech stack is ahead of the competition at the lowest price possible. 
  • We do this with unmatched value and selection for IT services through powerful industry partnerships, and a keen understanding of how much technology and software should cost you. 

Our Business and Technology Partners

Why Choose Select Communications

What makes our business technology consulting company stands apart

Unlike most technology resellers and consulting firms, we offer a lowest price guarantee.

Our technology consultants advise on the best technology solutions for rapidly evolving business challenges and provide ongoing tech consulting support for business problems and business processes.

Staying on top of the latest technologies,digital transformations, and business and technology takes time and effort. We do it for you, so you can get back to working on your business.

With 25 years of technology services consulting under our belt, we bring decades of business and technology consulting.

We provide technology solutions that help you free up staff, cut through red tape, reduce spend and improve performance. And we do it by—shocker—treating our customers the way we want vendors to treat us.

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