5 Signs Your Business Phone System Is Old

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There was the pager, then “the brick” cell phone, followed by the ubiquitous flip-style phone and even the BlackBerry. Now, the back office and traditional PBX business phone systems are taking the test of time. Want to see if your company’s business phone system is ready for an upgrade? Check out these 5 tell-tale signs…

1. No Advanced Features

Today, when business is increasingly taken on the road, to the home office or several time zones away, it can be a real hassle when the work you need is stuck inside your desktop at the office and you have no way of accessing it. Ten years ago that might have been the norm, but today it doesn’t have to be like that. Modern PBX systems need to be as dynamic as the work environment they’re used in, requiring communication solutions not just for the workplace but that go beyond the workplace. Advanced features that enable you to get the information you require and speak to the people you need are essential to maintaining productivity in the modern work environment, which makes having a unified communication solution that offers employees capabilities like virtual desktop, visual voicemail and digital faxing all the more valuable.

2. No Video Capability

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many valuable words is your company missing out on if you don’t have the video capabilities to successfully hold a remote meeting? Again, the modern workplace is dynamic and mobile, and face-to-face conversations can no longer be reserved for in-office appointments. Without a reliable, unified PBX solution that offers video technology, you run the risk of putting a ceiling on your employees’ productivity and efficiency by not equipping them with the remote tools they need to stay connected to their work.

3. No High-Definition Audio

Can you hear me now? Bad. In this day and age, business phones being equipped with high-definition audio should be a no-brainer, and though saving money on hardware and software might be on your mind, the benefits of having reliable PBX audio are well worth the investment. In fact, a cloud-based PBX solution may even save you money by offering a centralized wireless source of connection anytime, anywhere and without the need for additional hardware. Not to meaning, you’ll retain compatibility with all your favorite personal devices like iPads, smartphones and laptops to stay within high-definition earshot of all your work.

4. No Scalability for “What if” Scenarios

What your traditional PBX system offers in proximity it lacks in scalability, security and recoverability. In one freak natural disaster that damages your centralized PBX system, your company could be left with limited connectivity, failed security and unrecoverable data. Remember, modern business communications have to be taken beyond the workplace – in this case, literally. A cloud-based PBX system enables you to get clear, coast-to-coast connectivity without worrying about the integrity of your centralized system. In addition, you get a private IP network that offers maximum data security in a scalable platform that can grow alongside the needs of your business.

5. No Support

Implementing a new PBX solution is one thing – accessing the on-demand expertise to help you use it is quite another. In the case of traditional PBX systems, a lot of manufacturers stop supporting the hardware after a relatively short amount of time, which makes getting accurate advice, finding replacement parts and placing new orders time consuming and expensive. Maximum workplace connectivity doesn’t just mean getting the information you require – it means getting the expert assistance you need exactly when you need it. Accessible expertise made all the more possible when your business is optimized with private, dedicated connections from our specialized cloud consultants.

By looking outside the workplace, your company just might see a cloud-based solution that offers maximum connectivity as your business continues to grow. To learn more about why many businesses are turning to cloud-based audio solutions, read our blog on cloud communication trends.

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