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Adding cloud applications? Eliminating costs and complexities from your IT environment? If so, a cloud or colocation solution might be for you, and we can take the work of finding, vetting, and negotiating with a carrier off your plate.

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Founder & CEO

Jerry Goldman founded Select Communications in 2006 and has over 20 years of telecommunications experience. Under Jerry’s leadership, Select Communications has grown into one of the leading technology consulting firms in the industry. He plays an active role in setting strategic vision, and growth initiatives for Select Communications, in addition to supporting the marketing and sales teams.


Erin Fortunato
Director of Finance

Erin joined Select Communications in 2017 and oversees all company financial activities to ensure it stays in strong financial standing. Her responsibilities include; building revenue reports, distributing calculated funds to various departments and implementing company financial policies. Erin also manages payroll, commission auditing and regulatory compliance for Select Communications.

Adnan Patel
Chief Marketing Officer

Adnan joined the Select Communications team as Chief Marketing Officer in 2010. Adnan drives integrated B2B marketing initiatives for Select Communications rapidly growing unified communication and collaboration services through various direct and channel avenues.

Jason Price
Chief Operating Officer

Jason Price has been with Select Communications since 2010. In his current role as Chief Operating Officer Jason oversees all day to day company operations. He provides valuable leadership and direction that have led Select Communications to three consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in North America. Jason plays a key role in the growth and vision of Select Communications, and he has a passion for solving complex problems and helping people. 

Holly Dupuis
Director of Account Management

As Director of Account Management, Holly leads Select Communications’ customer on-boarding and experience teams. Holly brings 15+ years of industry experience to Select Communications and has played a key role in the development of our implementation programs, product and service training initiatives, and dedicated support teams.

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