What is an Automated Phone System?

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Automated phone systems use an interactive voice response (IVR) system to interact with your customers without input from your employees. This technology allows you to save money on labor while improving your customers’ experience when they need to reach you. 

An automated telephone system can be used as a virtual receptionist for your company. They can be used to answer frequent questions, such as your business hours or address. They can also route calls to live operators as soon as they are available. 

So how can an automated phone system help your company, and how do you know when it’s time to upgrade? 

6 Signs it’s Time Upgrade to Automated Telephone Systems

1. Your Phone Lines Are Stressed

If your call volume is outpacing your ability to respond, you may be losing customers. Adding additional phone lines and employees to your call center can be expensive, and the cost may not make sense for your company. 

Automated telephone systems can help you address increases in call volume without the need to hire additional personnel, and they offer added features to further automate processes. 

2. You’ve Maxed Your Capacity

Traditional phone systems have a limited capacity for the number of devices they support. If you’re no longer able to add additional phone lines, you can switch over to a voice-over IP (VOIP) and use your internet connection for calls rather than the phone line. 

VOIP services allow you to quickly scale up as needed without having to worry about adding additional phone lines or other infrastructure. You can connect any device to them and use it to call any phone number. 

3. You Need to Cut Costs

Automated phone systems offer several cost-saving benefits. You’ll be able to manage incoming calls with fewer employees. Additionally, you can save money on your telecommunications bill. Issues with your VOIP service can be addressed remotely, so you’ll never pay extra fees for on-site visits. 

VOIP billing is often done at a flat rate based on the number of seats you have connected. While additional features can cost more money, you’re likely to pay less than traditional phone providers, and the billing is always clear. 

4. You Need Another Option for Processing Payments

If your workflow is interrupted every time a customer needs to call in for payment, an automated voice system can help. 

Customers can verify the information to identify the account, and your phone system can let them know their current balance. Auto attendants can process customers’ payments, leaving your employees free to focus on their job.  

5. You Want to Expand Your Marketing Reach With an Automated Line

With an automated line, you can take advantage of hold times to deliver marketing messages for higher conversion rates. Customers can learn about your current offers or services they didn’t know about while they wait, and enquire about them when they connect to a live operator.  

6. You’re Transitioning to Flexible WFH Schedules

More and more companies are adopting remote work, but traditional phone lines don’t make this practical. If you want to offer remote schedule options, a VOIP can simplify the process.

An automated number can forward calls to connected devices no matter where they are located, so you can give your employees the freedom to choose where they work. These systems will also allow your employees to use text messaging to connect with customers without having to give out personal numbers. 

Choosing the Right Automated Phone Systems

Choosing the Right Automated Phone Systems

Implementing an automated phone system will require careful planning, and you’ll need to know what you’re paying for when you sign up for services. If you don’t set up each feature appropriately, you may lose customers to frustration. 

If you’re considering an automated phone line, our small business phone system audit can help. We can find and implement the best telecommunications solution for your company, and we’ll continue to work with you as your company grows. 

Get the Best Prices on Automated Telephone Systems 

At Select Communications, we are committed to keeping you connected at the lowest possible price. We’ll give your company a competitive edge to negotiate with providers for better rates and better services. 

We help companies save an average of 43% on their telecommunication spending so they can protect their bottom line. 

Even better, you won’t pay us a dime for our services. Partner with Select Communications and stop paying the full retail price for technology that helps your business get ahead.

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