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Reducing costs and headaches, while getting the best cloud phone system for your business

Get Top-Tier, Scalable Cloud-Based Phone System at a Price That Fits Your Budget

Ditch the landline – upgrade to a cloud business phone system for convenience, customization, and cost-savings.

Vet dozens of cloud phone carriers in minutes and get the best deals. Select Communications will get you the lowest prices – guaranteed.

Get peace of mind with a vendor-agnostic team that makes recommendations without hidden commissions and motivations. We’re your partners, not the carriers’.

Take advantage of over 25 years of experience to find the right cloud-based phone services and best cloud-based phone systems for your business.

Avoid the hassle of identifying, installing, and migrating to a cloud-based business phone system without help. We’ll guide you every step of the way and provide support long after sale so you’ll continue to get the most out of your cloud phone for business.

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Our Cloud Phone System Clients

We Do the Heavy Lifting So You Don’t Have to

We’ll find the best cloud-based phone system for your business, eliminating the hassle and letting you benefit from the cloud faster.

No Cost To You

Cut the cost of upgrading to a cloud system. We’ll find the right solutions for your business and you won’t even pay us anything for it. 

Ongoing Support Past the Sale

We’ll not only find the best service provider, our team will support you with getting cloud phone numbers set up and running.

Team of Experts Ready to Help

Get expert advice from a team with over 25 years of experience. We pay attention to your concerns and don’t overwhelm you with jargon.

Executive Escalation

Get quick and efficient resolutions to pressing problems with executive escalation for the life of our partnership.

Best Terms and Prices

Leverage our relationships with 300+ vendors to get the lowest prices and the best terms for your cloud phone options.

Find the Right System for Your Business

We are solely focused on your business goals. It’s why 98% of companies select the provider we recommend. 

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Find a Cloud Business Phone System That Empowers Your Business

Work with the best cloud phone service providers to cut the cost and clutter of maintaining traditional phones and hardware.

Maintaining phone hardware can be a pain – especially for small businesses that have more pressing matters to address.

Leave it to the Phone System Experts

We’re experts in assessing your requirements and making the call on which phone solutions will work best for your business. All that’s left then is to find you the very best industry rates.

Advice You Can Depend On

Make your life easier by connecting with the best phone systems and carriers. We give our honest professional opinion and take out the guesswork in choosing a landline or virtual phone system for your small business.

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Get the Lowest Price for Your Cloud Phone System

Select Communications will find you a better deal than if you buy directly from the carrier – guaranteed.

Innovate Your Business With the Newest Technology
Choosing the right phone cloud system means understanding current tech trends and innovations. Select Communications stays updated on the latest cloud phone services
Virtual Phone System

Save money and gain flexibility when you use a cloud based mobile phone

When your phone system is the cloud, there isn’t the need for IT to maintain in-house hardware 

Using your cell phone, phone calls can be taken anywhere, increasing workplace productivity and effectiveness 

A streamlined cloud business phone system eliminates your employees’ need to be in the office and facilitates their ability to work from anywhere.

The Perfect Phone System Partner

Don’t waste time trying to install and manage business lines on your own. We serve as a partner first and consultant second, taking the stress out of installing a telecom system. 

We know you don’t want to sit through endless sales pitches and deal with hundreds of emails. All that matters is that your phone system works for your business. Instead of losing time on research, focus on your business while we find the best phone cloud solution.

Get the best PBX phone system for small business or take your telecom system to the next level with a cloud system. Leverage relationships with 300+ providers and find the right cloud-PBX phone systems solution for your business. 

Get Set-Up With 24/7 Auto Attendant

Use an auto attendant or virtual assistant to handle incoming calls when employees aren’t available. 

Using an auto attendant can reduce overhead costs and give businesses more flexibility. 

When you effectively use an auto attendant, customers feel taken care of.

Ditch the desk phone and keep your business future-forward by using a phone system in the cloud that offers your business the mobility and flexibility it needs 

Our Cloud Business Phone Systems Give You Video on the Go

See your team in real time while video conferencing from anywhere.  

When connected to the internet, hold video conferences and enable screen sharing while working from different locations.

Even when working remotely, teams can continue building the relationships that make businesses profitable 

Instead of relying on stationary equipment, transform your business with the flexibility of an internet connection to conduct video conferencing, share screens, and make secure calls from mobile devices.

Lifetime Support When You Need It Most

Partnership matters – that’s why Select Communications takes the time to understand your business and goals.

Each step of the way we make sure implementation of your new cloud phone system goes smoothly 

We tailor our approach to your individual business needs and work to make you happy.

Attentive to evolving needs, your personal account manager is just one phone call away

Select Communications uses a trusted process to match your specific needs with the perfect cloud phone carrier. To find your best cloud phone service for business, sign up for a free audit today. 

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