Conference Call App Interoperability: What You Need to Know

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Many of us might remember the early days of personal computers, when files created for early Macs were just completely incompatible with those on DOS or early versions of Windows. It was incredibly frustrating – the exchange of information was closed off and limited by barriers that wouldn’t be resolved for years. It’s a problem that persists today with software applications connecting over the Internet, and it’s a hot topic in the conference call app business.

Luckily, conference call app providers are proactive in developing solutions to create interoperability. Skype for Business recently announced their users would be able to connect directly into Zoom video conferences. That means employers will only need to purchase one license – the Skype for Business license – to enable their customers to communicate with users on two different conference call apps.

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According to Zoom’s press release, this connection also offers a number of other benefits that would not be available by simply dialing into a conference call.

  • Room System Interoperability: Bridge Skype for Business meetings with devices not traditionally supported by this platform, such as H.323 and SIP conference room systems
  • User Experience: Provide the Zoom meeting experience for external meeting participants while leveraging existing Skype for Business investments internally, enabling full two-way data, voice, and audio sharing between Lync clients, Skype, other desktop and mobile clients, and industry-standard video conferencing systems
  • Streamlined Federation: Zoom handles the directory and SIP domain changes needed to enable B2B media communications between enterprises

Interoperability Beyond the Conference Call App

ShoreTel and Skype for Business are also beefing up their interoperability for non-conference call app solutions. They’ve created a plug-in so ShoreTel solutions users can dial phone calls, access voice mail and utilize a variety of other features through Skype for Business.

Before making a conference call app purchase, it’s critical that you evaluate the interoperability of your solutions, along with looking at possible adoption rate, ease of use and price. Companies like Select Communications can provide tremendous value in helping determine the right technologies for a wide range of conferencing and collaboration needs – and we can also help assess what the budget and services should be to meet requirements.

Schedule a demo today to see which conference call app has the best mix of features and interoperability for your business needs.

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