Why Conference Call Services Are Still (And Always Will Be) Relevant

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In many offices across the country, the arrival of a rare fax can be an exciting moment, often followed by moments of laughter and references to what life was like during the 1980s. Despite that, it certainly has its place for sensitive information, which needs to be protected. But the fax machine can still seem a bit antiquated with newer non-print technologies available for use.

Like a fax, old-school conference call services, where participants dial in with a phone number to connect with the host, are still very popular. It may seem out of date, but it’s still a viable tool for connecting across multiple locations for an important business meeting or sales call. Nevertheless, these conference call services are being replaced and turned into a niche device, just like the fax machine.

Web conference call services are popping up to offer a variety of services that just aren’t possible with a traditional dial-in conference call, like screen sharing, video conferencing and application sharing. But while adoption rates for web conferencing solutions are bound to increase over time, many newer conference call services still offer the ability for participants to simply dial in and participate through a telephone.

Why haven’t web conference call services killed the dial-in star?

  1. Compatibility – Interoperability between conference call services is a major pain point for businesses. Meanwhile, dial-in conference calls are far more compatible by default – you just need to punch in a phone number.
  2. Mobility – Many conference services offer Android and iOS applications, but that leaves the success of the call susceptible to bandwidth limitations and lag spikes. You may feel more comfortable relying on the “phone” part of your smart phone.
  3. Change – Just like with the fax machine, audio conference call services, while not as versatile, are familiar. Some may not have the time to go through the process of learning how to use new technologies.

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Training and Newer Conference Call Services

When it comes to audio conferencing services, it’s clear the reliable standby is going nowhere anytime soon thanks to compatibility and ease of use. But with web conference call services offering more features that improve collaboration and the exchange of information, it would be beneficial for you to help your employees learn how to use these services and to understand their benefits. Learn how our training professionals can help your organization adopt newer conference call services.

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