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Select Communication can helpy you find the next generation contact center software which enables operators to be more effective on the phone, so they can offer more and service better. Smart Dialers allow more time with live prospects, while the Intelligent Routing gets each call to the right agent. On-Screen Caller Info puts customer information at their fingertips. And everything is automatically logged to your CRM.
Special Call Center Features

Smart Dialer

Minimize waiting time with the dialer that predicts the agents availability and have new customers ready on the phone.

On-Screen Caller Info

Get instant prospect details with screen pops show agents who they are talking to and give them the prospect history.

Intelligent Routing

Agent-caller matching software routes calls based on IVR selections, customer history, agent availability, and more.

Contact Center Main Benefits

Inbound Call Centers


Omnichannel Call Centers

Social, Mobile, Email, & Chat

Outbound Call Centers

TCPA, Predictive, Power, & Progressive Dialers

Blended Call Centers

Integrated Outbound, Inbound, & Omnichannel

Top 5 Reasons to use Select Communications

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How We Make Your Life Easier

Dedicated networking expertise

We add dedicated engineers to your team—at no extra cost. That way you’re always on top of the latest trends and technologies and never have to spend time vetting solutions.

Dozens of carries, vetted in minutes

Your engineers compare dozens of network carriers against your needs, including niche providers and Gartner’s top-ranking manufacturers.

Guaranteed low rates

No matter which carrier you choose, we guarantee you’ll get lower rates from us than you’d get by going directly to a carrier.

One-call support

As in, your dedicated account manager is the one call you have to make for any questions or issues throughout the life of your investment.

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