Discover the Top 10 Companies Most Open to Telecommuting

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FlexJobs, an online resource for workers seeking remote opportunities and companies wanting to leverage their talents, publishes an annual list of companies offering employees the ability to telecommute. According to this year’s posting, remote job listings went up 11% between 2015 and 2016. And in the last two years, listings increased a whopping 52%.

Mutual Benefits

Not very long ago, telecommuting was viewed by companies with some amount of suspicion. What might account for the uptick in interest? Undoubtedly the increase in telecommuting opportunities can be attributed to the benefits it presents to employers and employees.

For example, employers can cast a geographically wider recruitment net while also reducing real-estate expenses. By not spending hours in traffic, employees realize cost-, time- and fuel-savings. And reduced commuting means that workers can spend more time focused on work — and life — tasks that matter most.

The List

Of the 100 companies embracing this option, the top 10 are:

  1. Appen
  2. LiveOps
  3. Amazon
  4. TeleTech
  6. LanguageLine Solutions
  7. Working Solutions
  8. Kelly Services
  9. Sutherland
  10. UnitedHealth Group

Why Unified Communications as a Service for Telecommuting?

Cloud technologies, unified communications and a wide variety of related and integrated tools and apps make remote work not just possible but desirable for employees and employers alike. As demonstrated by the upswing of telecommuting opportunities available, an increasing number of companies are adopting unified communications and realizing the benefits.

As examples, teleconferencing allows geographically dispersed employees and clients to brainstorm and collaborate virtually without traveling to and physically gathering in the same space and real-time updates and status exchanges are enabled by presence and messaging tools. This adds to a business’s bottom line through savings in office space expenses and creates greater work-life integration for employees. Many companies already have the unified communications mechanisms in place and only need to implement the full range of possibilities.

To learn more about this increasingly popular arrangement and how you might benefit, see our previous blog posts, Working by Example — How Select Communications Leverages Cloud Technology for a Healthy Work Culture and Leveraging Cloud Technology to Take Leadership to the Next Level.

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