Dispelling the Myths About Resellers

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As small- to medium-sized businesses make the move toward game-changing technology — including unified communication and collaboration solutions — they are realizing that they simply don’t have the resources to research, evaluate and engage with technology vendors on their own. Yet, many are also hesitant to work with resellers because they believe it will cost more, they’ll get pushed into a vendor they don’t want and they won’t get the service they need. But, the opposite is true. Read on as we dispel some common myths about working with resellers.

Myth #1: Customers Get Pigeon-holed Into One Product/Vendor

When working with a reseller, one-stop shopping does not mean one-size-fits-all. Quite the contrary. Resellers develop relationships with multiple vendors specifically so that they can provide you with the best-fit solution for your budget, your needs and your employees.

And that solution doesn’t have to come from the same vendor. Resellers can piece together the perfect technology package using as many vendors as makes sense for your situation. What’s more, resellers are constantly taking stock of the latest technology advancements and the newest vendors to ensure they stay competitive and can offer objective insight on product offerings and comparisons.

Did you know: Select has developed strategic relationships with tier 1 technology vendors to ensure quality, selection and service are never sacrificed. Our veteran sales executives take the time to understand each customer’s unique business challenges and present solutions that provide the best balance between features and budget considerations and incorporate the right market-leading vendors.

Myth #2: Customers Get Hit With Hidden Costs or Surcharges

When it comes to negotiating price, resellers can actually be your best advocate. Resellers can broker the best deal because they’ve worked with their vendor partners enough to know what they can and are willing to do from a pricing standpoint. They not only offer you expert advice and guidance on technology, but also expert price and contract negotiation. And because every solution is tailored to the situation, you only pay for the features you need to maximize your budget and your return on investment.

But, buyer beware. Not all resellers take a customer-first stance on fees. When choosing a reseller, ask about their billing model and insist on transparent pricing that has no long-term contract commitments, no fees and no hidden charges.

Did you know: Select is the only communications provider that offers a low-price guarantee, often reducing customer costs by more than 50%. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation cost analysis and even review your current telecommunications invoices to help you pinpoint hidden fees.

Myth #3: Customers Will Not Get the Service and Support They Need

Your company is one in a million — and it should be treated as such. Fortunately, resellers offer a straighter line to support because they typically have fewer customers than large technology vendors do. Fewer companies to support means greater ability to provide top-notch service — before, during and after the sale.

The reality is that the large technology vendors truly want customers to be highly satisfied, but they realize they cannot always provide the level of support needed. That’s why many vendors actually prefer that the resellers provide the support. Resellers, in turn, are happy to provide the customer service needed because a happy customer is a loyal customer. Resellers also realize that user adoption is critical to your success so many provide training to help you and your employees get up to speed quickly.

Did you know: By choosing Select Communications, you receive full training and support from day one with personalized training options and worldwide technical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Working with a trusted reseller like Select Communications means you get an unbiased, needs-focused perspective to help you to make better, more informed decisions about your technology options. If you’re looking for insight into optimizing your collaboration technology, talk to one of our experienced advisors today.

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