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Complying with complex reporting requirements and managing expectations of investors, regulators and key stakeholders is more challenging than ever. Utilizing cost-effective technologies and communication modes helps you overcome these challenges. Select Communications’ easy-to-use collaboration solutions allow your company to communicate seamlessly and more frequently with colleagues, stakeholders and customers. Regardless of location, teams can work together and with clients to achieve faster results, experience improved client satisfaction and meet higher revenue expectations.
Strengthen Customer and Employee Relationships
  • Enrich client relationships with increased interaction and communication
  • Quickly execute time-sensitive communications to high-net worth clients
  • Communicate more frequently with remote and branch located employees
  • Enhance employee collaboration with top-of-the-line virtual meeting tools
Meet the Demands and Expectations of Regulators and Shareholders
  • Report quarterly financials professionally and securely with operator assistance and detailed call management
  • Flawlessly execute high-touch calls such as state-of-the-company reviews, earnings releases and M&A announcements to global, multi-language audiences
  • Strengthen and maintain relationships with shareholders, media and investors
Communicate with the Utmost Confidence and Security
  • Monitor your audience with call management tools: approved participant lists, optional security codes, conference lock features and online management portals
  • Implement hosted telephony for secure and scalable fixed and mobile communications
  • Review contracts, presentations and confidential documents virtually and securely
  • Experience complete redundancy with disaster recovery and survivability solutions
In the midst of economic and budget uncertainties, government agencies need dependable, scalable tools for mission critical communications. Select Communications is a leading provider of global cloud-based unified communications services. We offer a full suite of services to meet your requirements.
Deliver Instant ROI
  • Eliminate software and equipment expenses
  • Reduce travel budget and demands
  • Avoid costly system upgrades
  • Leverage GSA Schedule 70 contract prices
Create Operational Efficiencies
  • Implement cloud-based communications
  • Meet and collaborate across national and international borders
  • Communicate planned or emergency messages using reliable systems
  • Increase productivity with improved staff availability
Communicate with Confidence
  • Trust in the industry standard for conferencing, collaboration and communication
  • Meet ISO 27002 compliance
  • Instill confidence with secure, scalable and redundant architecture
  • Protect access with secure user control authorizations
In the pharmaceutical industry, collaboration is critical. You need to enrich R&D, enhance product lines and develop relationships within the medical community. Diminishing budgets and increasing competition prove achieving all of this to be challenging. With Select Communications cost-effective conferencing and collaboration services, you can engage global audiences quickly and easily, execute successful product launches, and improve communications with key stakeholders.
Enhance Research & Development
  • Foster collaborative working environments with colleagues and partner agencies
  • Manage and partake in clinical trials remotely
  • Announce R&D and clinical trial progress updates
  • Better manage product pipelines by bringing teams and key players together
Bring Your Drug to Market Quickly & Powerfully
  • Plan and execute global product launches
  • Quickly execute time-sensitive product update announcements
  • Maximize time of patent exclusivity
  • Enhance supply chain communication with global manufacturing facilities
Reach a Broad, Global Audience
  • Reduce travel and event budgets with virtual speaker programs
  • Reach emerging markets in a seamless and cost-effective manner
  • Conduct virtual training and certification for on-site medical and diagnostics equipment
  • Educate and connect with geographically dispersed teams
Training customers, employees and partners is a key component to increasing product usage, selling your services and implementing new business processes. To teach everyone everything they need to know, you can fly people to a central location—requiring time out of the office and the usual travel expenses—or you can conduct training sessions online for a fraction of the time and cost.
By using Select Communications education conferencing solutions, you can:
  • Present instructional content to students, colleagues or new hires
  • Fulfill program instructions that can be compiled and mailed to trainees in advance of instruction
  • Record class sessions for later playback by students who missed a session
  • Allow students to attend CEL courses online from the comfort of their desks
  • Offer blended learning programs that combine instructor-led sessions with web-based trainings to provide the perfect learning environment
Regardless of whether you’re in the software, telecom, cable or Internet industries, you’re more than familiar with the fast-paced environment a high tech company demands. The need for your company to remain on the cutting-edge of its position within the marketplace is crucial, and keeping communication flowing so product releases happen on schedule is key to maintaining your competitive advantage.
When you use Select Communications technology conferencing solutions, you can:
  • Collaborate with global team members on new product designs
  • Make corporate announcements and state-of-the-union addresses to a world-wide audience
  • Conduct interactive trainings for customers, partners, sales teams and new hires
  • Hold web seminars and live speaker events that can be archived
  • Work with vendors and internal teams on press releases and media events
  • Offer remote support for your customers
Collaborative care and increased patient outreach help to improve treatment. Improved communication amongst your hospital or physician network, as well as global medical, pharmaceutical and research partners, aid you in providing the best care possible. Select Communications’ world-class conferencing and collaboration tools help you stay connected – whether you are a hospital CEO or IT Director, physician or nurse, managing a long-term care facility or a home healthcare professional.
Improve Communications and Collaborative Care
  • Announce new doctors, research breakthroughs and advancements to a wide audience
  • Communicate with affiliate networks: partner hospitals, research centers, physician offices and clinics
  • Remain secure with HIPAA compliant tools and solutions
  • Make confidential patient records and data accessible from secure mobile devices and platforms
Enhance Care and Patient Outreach
  • Reach more patients, faster, with virtual follow-ups
  • Hold educational seminars for prospective patients
  • Collaborate virtually on medical cases with key physicians and experts
  • Provide continuing care and best practice education to current and former patients
Keep Staff Trained and Certified
  • Create on-demand training modules to fit a staff’s diverse schedules and needs
  • Educate geographically dispersed audiences on new procedures and techniques with telemedicine
  • Expand continuing education by adding a virtual offering to presentations and speaker events
  • Utilize custom registration and attendance tracking for certifications and compliance audits
Deploying communication solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure and key firm processes, as well as promoting adoption, can be challenging. Select Communications’s simple and reliable conferencing and collaboration tools help attorneys and staff stay connected and accessible. In addition, robust reporting tools allow for cost management and simple client bill back. The result is increased billable hours, faster revenue realization and improved client satisfaction.
Communicate with Secure & Easy-to-Use Tools
  • Join meetings with easy, one-touch access
  • Utilize mobile apps to easily join meetings from your mobile phone
  • Implement hosted telephony for secure, scalable and fixed mobile communications
  • Expedite depositions and meetings when deadlines and budgets don’t allow for travel
Maximize Billable Time & Increase Revenue Realization
  • Ensure attorneys are easily able to connect to calls in one easy step, from both office and mobile phones
  • Deploy virtual collaboration tools to eliminate non-essential travel
  • Utilize on-demand dual project accounting code prompts to charge each meeting to not only specific clients, but also to specific cases
  • Receive weekly conferencing and call reports, allowing for easy and almost immediate bill back
Maintain a Client & Attorney-focused Strategy
  • Improve client relationships with increased interaction and communication
  • Host marketing webcast events to expand and educate your client base
  • Easily include remote subject matter experts for more efficient and effective meetings
  • Host internal planning and strategy sessions with key players regardless of location

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