Five Ways Cloud Providers Stand Out

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Forbes recently published an article celebrating the hottest 100 cloud providers on the market now. In light of Forbes’ list, we wanted to uncover what makes a cloud provider stand out.

Cloud computing is powering the world, and that’s not changing anytime soon. When you integrate, adopt or migrate to the cloud, deciding which provider is of utmost importance. This is, after all, the company that will be housing and protecting your business-critical data and applications. Below are five main aspects to consider when you’re shopping for a cloud provider.

1. Security

The right cloud partner will provide the best security features available. Not only that, they will look around the corner, monitoring your data center and mitigating risks before they become a problem. Because your data is your most valuable asset, your cloud partner should be heavily invested in threat protection.

2. Support

What sets any provider apart is their dedication to customer support. When it comes to your data, you want fast access to the information you need. Finding a provider with phenomenal, fanatical support that’s embedded in their culture is key. One way to find out is via customer reviews. Another way is to simply call and ask them about their specific process for supporting customers. If they don’t have a clear answer, then they’re not the one.

3. Redundancy

You need copies of everything. If a monstrous hurricane rolls through and takes out your data center, you need to be back online as soon as possible. Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy ensures your information is safe and up and running ASAP if something terrible happens.

4. Reliability

This one is simple: Is your cloud solution fast and accessible all the time? Make sure your cloud provider has a compelling story about their impeccable uptime.

5. Agility

It’s crucial to understand which applications your cloud will run and how often your provider adopts new applications. Make sure your cloud solution is agile. Applications often require specific features, and you wouldn’t want to adopt a cloud, find out it doesn’t speak that language, then have to adopt another.

Cloud is King

Now more than ever, organizations have the opportunity to adopt technology that is tailored to their business goals and needs. There are a number of stand-out solutions available, but choosing the right partner comes down to whether or not they support your data on your terms.

Are you evaluating cloud providers and interested in a pull-no-punches technical comparison of the top providers on the market? Connect with our cloud advisors today.

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