Four Creative Ways to Use a Virtual Phone System

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Meeting the requirements of an increasingly remote, “digitally nomadic” workforce challenges enterprises to leverage their business phone system in new ways. Luckily, cloud-based phone systems and cloud communication suites offer a bundle of tools and features that streamline day-to-day tasks and collaboration. There are also a number of creative spins businesses can put on these innovative features that help cut costs, save time and reduce stress during throughout the workday. By thinking outside the box, teams can find interesting ways to maximize cost benefit and efficiency and unleash the collaboration potential of their organization.

Check out these four creative ways to leverage your virtual phone system:

1. The Virtual Memo Pad

Prevent important meeting reminders or memos become victims of cluttered note apps or disorganized scratch paper. Use a virtual phone system to a voicemail and transcribe the note into a text file. Schedules are full and the workday is busy – employees need the tools to capture and review key collaboration details without fumbling for another device. This is great for maintaining efficiency and keeping focused without sacrificing details.

2. The Time-Clock Auditor

Cut out the manual work required to track employee work hours and billable time. Virtual phone systems enable operations managers and project leaders to capture employee time stamps based on phone usage. That’s not to say this virtual time-clock replaces the need for designated time-tracking software, but the phone system can be another means for ensuring operational accuracy and employee accountability. The time-clock solution also gives teams an edge in identifying areas of making their day-to-day communications more efficient by cutting out unnecessary phone calls or administrative tasks.

3. The Marketing ROI Measurer

Virtual phone systems also give companies a way of creatively track the ROIs of their various marketing campaigns without requiring additional analytics platforms. Teams can separate their marketing channels with specific vanity lines and directly analyze which channels are driving high-quality leads to their business. The data collected during this process can also inform how to best reach a target audience.

4. The Culture Builder

In an age where BYOD culture is becoming the norm, integration between an employee’s personal device and business-critical applications can afford him the flexibility to work where he wants, when he wants. This type of freedom has a direct impact on organizational retention and employee satisfaction – some 80% of employees even view the ability to work remotely as a sizable job perk.

Solutions like virtual and cloud-based phones are sizable investments, which means it’s important companies find ways of maximizing the utility of their solution system. With experimentation and creative thinking, business can generate more value out from the built-in features of their virtual phone system. Need a little creative juice? Speak to our solution specialists at Select.


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