Four Ways of Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Video Conferencing Solution

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Many business leaders and IT planners breathe a sigh of relief once a video conferencing solution has been bought and implemented. But, in many cases, that sigh is often quickly followed by a giant “Now what?” The real light at the end of the tunnel in any video conferencing technology investment comes when decision-makers and stakeholders learn how and if what they paid for is actually working.

Highfive recently published four ways of taking the guesswork out of measuring video conferencing adoption and effectiveness. While the tactics for gathering quantitative and qualitative end-user feedback may be obvious, they’re also wholly overlooked.


Web-based surveys through apps like SurveyMonkey or GetFeedback are quick-and-easy ways of gathering mass amounts of feedback without forcing you to track down individual employees and your end-users to take too much time out of their day. At Select, we’ve found that if you keep the surveys short and simple and ask open-ended questions, you’ll get helpful insights and ways to improve your processes and tech to boost adoption.

Focus Groups

Earmark a small group of end-users to have a sit-down discussion on the pros and cons of your solution. Use the discussion to help gather opinions, highlight challenges and coordinate optimization efforts.

We suggest you create milestones that work for your team. For example, you could schedule an introductory meeting at one week post-launch and then schedule two more meetings on 30-day intervals to gather intel and identify potential issues. If you keep these meetings short, focused and easy, you’ll likely get strong buy-in and participation.

Usage Analytics

Your video conferencing solution should track real-time usage data from your user base – it may even integrate with your other audio and web conferencing tools. Digging into this data gives you objective insights into how your video conferencing investment is paying off.

Like focus groups, being proactive about when you review the data is key. Set aside multiple times on your calendar where you can look at the data. Take note of benchmarks and then measure how usage patterns shift.

Become a “Fly on the Wall”

Reach out to users to see if you can sit in on a meeting or two. This gives you the opportunity to get in-the-trenches insights into how the tool is being used, what day-to-day challenges exist and how the solution could be optimized.

Get more insights into closing the video technology feedback loop by reading the full article on Highfive.

In some cases, measuring the adoption of a video conferencing solution is the easy part – it’s getting employees to use the technology in the first place that’s difficult. Read our article to learn four tips for eliminating your employees’ reluctance to use video technology

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