Georgetown University Deploys Cloud Phone Solution

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Georgetown University recently began testing a new cloud phone service with the intention of replacing their 25-year-old system. Georgetown’s cloud phone deployment is only one phase of their full telecom infrastructure overhaul. According to Georgetown’s CIO, Judd Nicholson, the goal of the overhaul is to provide a more consumer-friendly experience with cloud and mobile software.

In an article on, Nicholson explained, “The expectations of customers have changed. If you can build an IT stack that lets you ride the wave of the technology changes in the consumer space then you’re providing far more value to your customers.”

Georgetown’s cloud phone deployment is also a notable example of the importance of leveraging cloud communications as part of a more strategic initiative rather than a siloed solution. The university is piloting Dialpad products to leverage the platform’s integration with Google’s Chrome browser, iOS and Android devices. Additionally, the software integrates with Google’s App for Education suite in order to further ease collaboration between faculty and students. By focusing on integrative solutions, Georgetown hopes to improve communications across all verticals of the institution.

While cloud phones have become increasingly commonplace at the enterprise level, Georgetown’s overhaul may be a sign that public institutions are starting to catch on. And with many IT teams looking to modernize legacy systems and seek out greater integration capabilities, this news should be no surprise to the telecommunications community.

To explore Georgetown’s multi-million dollar telecom overhaul in greater depth, read the CIO article here.

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