Happy National Have Fun at Work Day

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Today is National Have Fun at Work Day. Companies across the globe are celebrating by reminding employees to break down the barrier between “work” and “play”, which proves to have some substantial benefits to workplace morale and productivity.

According to 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work, companies that encourage “fun” in the workplace experience…

  • Better attendance
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Higher productivity
  • Decreased downtime

At Select, we make a conscious effort to create a positive and friendly workplace environment that empowers our employees and partners to work hard and enjoy what they’re doing. We also value the opportunity we have to equip our clients to do the same, whether it involves telling a joke over the phone or playing a game of charades on a video conference.

From our team to yours: Happy National Have Fun at Work Day (yes we know it’s a Saturday, but you still should celebrate having fun at work every day). Spread the word, and celebrate with your network.

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