Why Isn’t There an Orbitz for Telecom?

The information businesses need to make decisions about telecom and cloud services has stayed behind closed doors. Just to find basic info, an individual has to spend days or even weeks calling, following up and creating their own spreadsheet just for basic service comparisons.

The reason? The services and products offered by providers can change at any moment:

  • Costs could go up or down
  • Products and specs can change
  • Contracts and terms are in flux
  • Promotions can be here today, gone tomorrow

There’s no aggregation website for telecom and cloud pricing akin to Orbitz or Priceline because keeping the info consolidated, up-to-date and useful requires more than a database. That website would need knowledgeable individuals with years of industry experience continually updating information. Automating that process just isn’t feasible.

“Not So Simple” Solutions

A business client can’t just ask for the best price for a standard package because there’s no standard package. A price might change for better or worse in a week’s time, and a business could buy services and later realize it needed more bandwidth to run effectively. For businesses to fulfill their service needs, they should be informed by more than tags, terms and simple searches.

IT and telecom decision makers want a simpler way to make decisions – with clear apples to apples comparisons, vendor ratings and expert recommendations. However, the information available and the players involved don’t lend themselves to simplicity for do-it-yourselfers. With the help of telecom agents, you can emulate how modern business professionals want to make important, cost-sensitive decisions about their business communications.

There’s no website like LendingTree for business IT solutions, but there are organizations that act in a similar capacity. Find out how third-party agencies can simplify your telecom service search by contacting Select Communications for more information.