Leveraging Cloud Technology to Take Leadership to the Next Level

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As a leader, what can you do to make your team happier, healthier and more productive? Enable them to use the wealth of available cloud-based collaborative solutions — including conferencing, presence and messaging — to connect with (and even present to) colleagues in other geographic areas or work remotely when family obligations or travel necessitate being away from the office. Some companies have this technology in place while others do not, and many businesses that do still struggle to adopt it and leverage features that facilitate greater flexibility and work-life integration.

How can businesses leaders learn to embrace cloud technology? By understanding how these tools offer far more than a modern work experience — using them is good for business, too.

The Business Case for Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has a variety of benefits, but perhaps the most important of these include its ability to enable greater team collaboration, working anytime from anywhere in the world and improving productivity. According to the Cloud Security Alliance, 79% of companies receive regular requests from users to buy more cloud applications with file sharing and collaboration being one of the top-requested cloud services. Fulfilling these requests allows for team members to work together to meet business needs more quickly and efficiently. And cloud technology typically saves you money as well. It doesn’t require you hire a tech support team to fix server issues, and it’s scalable, so you can grow or reduce service as needed.

Virtual Thought Leadership

Taking cloud technology — specifically conferencing tools — a step further, business and thought leaders can also present seminars, trainings and talks virtually. CEOs, who tend to meet a variety of interesting people, could schedule brief video conferences to share customer stories, introduce new products and services or focus on business-related topics that might engage and inspire. These conferences could also be recorded and made available for any-time access.

These tools can also be used to discuss problems and solutions with other business leaders from around the country and the world, saving yourself thousands in consulting fees and going directly to fellow business leaders for answers to your pressing problems. Dave Stachowiak’s Coaching for Leaders provides a great example of harnessing the power of virtualized connection for business leader mentorship through an online leadership development cohort that meets in real time. He also produces a series of podcast interviews with cutting-edge thought leaders.

Business leaders can use cloud-based technologies to knock down walls and shrink geography. Your imagination is the only limit to how these tools can be embedded in the daily work rhythm to create greater work-life integration for you and your people. And the positive business impact — cost savings and efficiency — enables the necessary scalability for today’s growing businesses.

If you’d like to learn more about how cloud technologies and unified communications can improve your business and employee satisfaction, read our recent blog post, “Working by Example — How Select Communications Leverages Cloud Technology for a Healthy Work Culture.”

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