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Many MSP’s that you are competing with for business are working with our firm. We are helping them with supplier comparisons, vendor selection and price negotiation for their customers.

How We Make Your Life Easier

Dedicated networking expertise

We add dedicated engineers to your team—at no extra cost. That way you’re always on top of the latest trends and technologies and never have to spend time vetting solutions.

Thorough Technology Vetting

Your engineers compare dozens of network carriers against your needs, including niche providers and Gartner’s top-ranking manufacturers.

Professional Project Management at Low Costs

No matter which carrier you choose, we guarantee you’ll get lower rates from us than you’d get by going directly to a carrier.

Vendor Consolidated support

As in, your dedicated account manager is vendor consolidated support and escalation. No matter the carrier or your customer we’re there to help.

The impact we are having with other MSP’s is substantial.

The bottom line is we will work as an extension of your firm and we will assist with all vendor interactions, product selections, side by side comparisons of services, proposal reviews and price negotiations, all while paying you residual commissions on every product your client’s purchase. This is just email copy to give you a sense of what we want to convey. I obviously want this to be layered with good graphics and snazzy background. The CTA will be a form fill – we will give you the code from Zoho Forms.. It may need some CSS work to make it look good. We’ll handle the handoff to our CRM.

Brands That Trust Us

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How We Help You Grow Your Business
Post-sale, our team handles all onboarding and customer escalations so you can focus on servicing your customer.  MSP’s tell us that working with our firm had an incredible positive impact on their business. We help their customers select the best technology services and we pay residual commissions for anything purchased. Many of our MSP partners have been receiving.
We can provide the following as an extension of your MSP practice:

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