The Power of Digital Mentorship

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User adoption is an ongoing challenge for many companies, especially as new UCC and cloud communication solutions become more available in the workplace. Tactics like top-down modeling of usage best practices and surveys of test groups are often used by business leaders to overcome user adoption obstacles. However, many companies find taking a more engaging and hands-on approach to addressing user buy-in and adoption is more effective in the long run, and implementing a digital mentorship program is one of the most impactful ways they’re doing it.

Digital mentorship involves establishing a culture of learning, refinement and optimization for users of collaboration technologies. For many employees, initial training sessions often aren’t sufficient to achieve their maximum adoption of a new technology tool and sustain its proper utilization over the long term. However, consistent communication on usage best practices, dissemination of user resources, frequent check-ins and feedback sessions are elements of digital mentorship that can help bridge the gap between investing in a new business application and getting employees to utilize it properly. For business leaders, creating a sustainable digital mentorship program can help unleash the potential of crucial applications, improve overall data and application security and serve as an essential touch point for career development.

Unleash Crucial Applications

Many important business applications are underutilized simply because employees aren’t given the proper education. Nurturing a culture of digital mentorship can teach employees how to fully maximize the benefits of crucial applications. Encourage team members to teach each other how to properly find applications, show general tips and tricks for optimal use, and demonstrate company-specific best practices. For example, when implementing new UC software or cloud-based applications, utilize tech-savvy team leaders to spread best practices to the rest of the office and remote workers. This prevents the dilution of important internal processes and acts to disseminate critical application knowledge without resorting to inefficient training meetings.

Security Threats

When employees aren’t given a proper introduction to essential applications, they will resort to “cheater” apps that are more familiar—often at the expense of security protocol. Third-party apps, while they may serve the same purpose as preexisting UCC software, won’t take into consideration industry-specific security protocols. This poses a serious threat to both company information and employee identity.

Use of cheater apps creates a nightmare situation for IT teams trying to implement new applications company-wide. Keeping everyone on the same applications and software maintains high levels of security and prevents breakdown of communication due to software or hardware misusage.


Promoting a digital mentorship program arms employees with the confidence to become more self-sufficient and help others develop their skills. In short, it’s a great way to develop a culture of leaders. This is great for encouraging collaboration and a workplace where employees feel valued and supported. When employees feel they are making a direct contribution to an organization, they are more engaged, productive, and happy. Encourage tech-savvy employees to share their knowledge and develop their leadership skills with a sustainable digital mentorship program.

Digital mentorship programs can improve overall collaboration and create a self-sustainable leadership culture that mitigates the need for micromanagement and empowers employees to drive technology adoption organically. This results in adoption of efficient processes, better overall security and a greater sense of fulfillment on the job, which translates to more productive workers. As collaboration and technology continue to play a major role in the workplace, promoting a digital mentorship program can improve nearly every aspect of the employee experience. Learn more with this article about how cloud-based phones enhance collaboration.

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