It’s Not an Acquisition — It’s a Partnership

Exploring Select Communications’ Merge with GCI Conferencing

Exploring Select Communications’ Merge with GCI Conferencing

This past July, Select Communications announced it was joining forces with GCI Conferencing, a legacy conferencing provider based out of Tampa, Florida. The acquisition was forecasted to offer customers added expertise and a broader suite of collaboration solutions, and that promise holds true today.

In the podcast, Select Communications CEO Jerry Goldman and new Vice President of Business Development Barry Spofford — former co-founder of GCI Conferencing — catch us up to details behind the acquisition, why it’s the perfect time to join forces and what it means for customers of Select and GCI.

The Results

Adds decades of unmatched, invaluable knowledge and experience

Provides a broader suite of collaboration technologies

Extends influence from Austin to Florida

On the Podcast

Jerry Goldman

Jerry Goldman founded Select Communications in 2006 and has over 16 years of telecommunications experience. Under Jerry’s leadership, Select has grown into one of the leading conferencing providers in the industry. He plays an active role in setting strategic vision and growth initiatives for Select Communications in addition to supporting the operations and sales team.

Barry Spofford

Barry Spofford started GCI, his fourth entrepreneurial venture, in 2009, giving him the opportunity to combine passions for technology with extensive business experience. As the VP of Business Development for Select Communications, his experience enables clients to identify and implement the right technology to meaningfully improve operations.