The NWTF found conferencing solutions that cut communication costs for their remote workforce.

The NWTF found conferencing solutions that cut communication costs

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is a national non-profit organization that has helped – and continues to help – to conserve and restore the national wild turkey to its present-day state. NWTF’s communications needs are driven by the fact their regional directors are located all over the country and need to be able to collaborate in real time.

When Select Communications first contacted NWTF, IT director Greg Werner was skeptical of Select’s offerings. But he was convinced by Select’s honesty, knowledge, surprise-fee billing, implementation support and service quality.

The Results

Around a 60% savings in price

Worry and error-free billing

Easy transition from NWTF's previous provider

Responsive customer service

Informative and honest advisement

On the Podcast

Gregory Werner

Gregory Werner is the Director of Informational Technology at The National Wild Turkey Federation. He is a talented, inspired IT professional who has been with the NWTF since 2009. In his current role, he chose Select Communications to provide for his organization’s conferencing and collaboration needs.

Joy Milkowski

Joy Milkowski works with Select Communications to discover the experiences of their customers and tell the stories of how conferencing and collaboration solutions are helping their customers grow and communicate better. A “big picture” thinker, Joy is a highly skilled strategist in marketing, business development, channel/affiliates, social and public relations, and community building.

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