OSI turned to Select Communications when they needed additional communications tools.

OSI turned to Select Communications

Oncology Services International is one of the largest providers for oncology services in the United States. They’re instrumental in treating cancer patients throughout the United States. After determining their current provider was overpriced and not offering the customer support they needed, OSI turned to Select Communications when they needed additional communications tools to link their multi-site business together.

The Results

Worry-free communications and collaboration across multiple locations

Reduced pricing compared to OSI's previous provider

Responsive customer service with Select's account manager, Holly Dupuis

On the Podcast

Elizabeth Randazzo

Elizabeth Randazzo is a professional executive assistant with experience assisting C-level executives for both large and small firms. She is the Manager of Executive Administration at Oncology Services International and has been with the company since 2013. In her current role, Elizabeth oversees a number of important initiatives for the executive team. She turned to Select Communications when OSI needed a collaboration resource that was simple and flexible.

Joy Milkowski

Joy Milkowski works with Select Communications to discover the experiences of their customers and tell the stories of how conferencing and collaboration solutions are helping their customers grow and communicate better. A “big picture” thinker, Joy is a highly skilled strategist in marketing, business development, channel/affiliates, social and public relations, and community building. Her diverse background and entrepreneurial roots give her the ability to think like a business leader while relating to and building consensus among multiple internal and external parties.

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