Select Communications Is Transforming the Unified Communications Industry with a People-First Approach to Service

AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 02, 2017

Solution Provider Leads Market into New Paradigm of Service Delivery

Select Communications, a small- and mid-market conferencing and unified communications (UC) provider, is disrupting the marketplace with a new paradigm for delivering services. In an age when technology demand is at an all-time high and workplace innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning represent process automation opportunities for providers, Select is going against the grain. Instead of removing the human elements in favor of technology, the Austin-based solution provider is focusing on its people.

Jerry Goldman, Select’s Founder and CEO, articulated his company’s people-first vision in a recent LinkedIn Pulse article and explains that the philosophy is more than just lip service.

We are a company of people serving people our customers, so we like to focus on that. Sure, our team has exceptional knowledge about our technology solutions, but it’s the relationships with our team members and customers that creates a very different – and positive – experience for our clients. It is very important to me that we walk the walk when it comes to people.
Jerry GoldmanFounder & CEO, Select Communications

Select’s people-first approach offers a breath of fresh air to customers in a volatile industry. Last year saw a handful of high-profile service providers — including 8×8 and Aryaka, and CenturyLink and Level 3 — combine to form business communication super powers. These mergers and acquisitions are exciting for big enterprises, but they potentially create uncertainty for smaller businesses in need of customized solution packages and more hands-on service and support.

Continuous innovations to its organization help Select put its groundbreaking new approach into action. In addition to launching a new set of core values that support the philosophy, Select executes its people-first approach in a variety of ways:

Enhanced Customer Service Capabilities

Select invests heavily in its customer service team to deliver an ultra-smooth, personalized experience for customers. These investments include customizations to the company’s support systems as well as maintaining a large team of customer solution specialists. For example, Select’s customized Salesforce account supports an efficient and hassle-free experience for customers. One notable feature triggers a customer’s Salesforce interaction history to appear on an assigned support rep’s mobile device whenever Select receives an inbound call from that customer. This feature helps ensure Select’s team can access customer information and make updates instantly to stay up to date and prepared whenever a customer calls.

Select’s uniquely crafted customer solution team includes three customer solution reps for every one sales person.  Customer solution reps are also embedded in the sales process from the start to establish rapport with customers and ensure a seamless sales-to-support hand-off.

Peer-Based Mentor Program

Through a formal program at Select, peer mentors support all new hires throughout their first year with the company — starting even before they’re onboarded as employees. Mentors act as point people for role-related issues as well coaches of Select’s people-first philosophy and how to execute it. The program has led to accelerated ramp-up and improved performance among first-year employees.

“The mentor program is unique to any other onboarding experience I’ve had in my career,” explains Ben Dehner, a national account executive for Select and the mentor program’s first-ever new-hire participant. “In addition to helping me get up to speed with our [Select’s] processes more quickly, I feel the program was essential in preparing me to hit the ground running with my clients and deliver better-quality service.”

100% Remote Workforce

Select practices what it preaches. Since the beginning, Select has leveraged the technology it sells to empower a remote workforce of employees based all over the U.S. According to Goldman, this is a human choice, not a logistical one.

“We’ve discovered so many benefits to having a remote workforce,” he says. “Not only does it enable us to serve more customers across a broader geography, but it also cuts geographical limitations out of our hiring process. We can expand our talent pool, consider more people and save new hires from the stresses of relocating.”

Mandatory Time-Off

All Select employees are required to take time off every month, no questions asked. In fact, those who don’t will get a personal visit from the CEO to make sure they are taking time for themselves and their families.

Goldman explains, “To me, it’s ludicrous for people to sacrifice quality time with their families and passions for their work. Our staff is already made up of high achievers with customer-centric mindsets.  I have to make sure we kick them out of the office every now and again.”

Select’s unique philosophy raises the bar for competing conferencing and UC solution providers. By leading the industry in a more people-focused direction and modelling the approach at every level of its organization, Select is helping create a marketplace where smaller businesses can thrive. Rather than tying their provider relationship solely to technologies or contract terms, SMBs can work with Select to build a deep, long-lasting partnership centered on solving problems and achieving goals.

To learn more about Select Communications and its people-first approach to service, start a conversation with CEO Jerry Goldman today.  He is truly interested to meet you.

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