Select Communications’ Price Featured in Industry News

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Select’s own Jason Price was recently a featured columnist for Telecom Reseller, one of the most well-established and well-respected disseminators of news and thought leadership in the communications space. Jason’s piece shed light on the importance of conference call app interoperability and what steps end users can take to make smarter, more result-oriented investments. He also wasn’t shy about sharing his excitement about the new UC products hitting the market.

“Zoom has some very cool interoperability with SLACK. We don’t sell either [Zoom or SLACK], but it’s still cool to see what’s happening in the industry,” Jason said.

Jason Price
Jason Price

Read Jason’s full article on Telecom Reseller here.

Jason’s article is one more indication of his commitment to providing value to customers as well as to the wider audience of companies that are plunging head long into unified communications and conferencing decisions. As a Senior Sales Executive with Select, he hopes to understand customers’ goals and present failings first and foremost, then present them with a solution – even if it isn’t one he can provide directly.

With this type of customer-centric approach to UC and conferencing, it’s no surprise Jason isn’t your typical sales contact. In fact, Jason comes from an operations role and can empathize with customers so well because he spent more than a decade on their side of the desk. When asked about what the relationship between a UC provider and a customer should look like, Jason said it should be simple.

“More than anything, we’re a protector of your time. We’ll keep you out of demos and talk you through what you need.”

Jason’s commitment to being a valued UC resource for customers exemplifies the customer-first philosophy Select stresses across the organization. At Select Communications, we’re here to educate first and discuss solutions second.

Connect with Jason on LinkedIn, or ask him a question today.

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