Select Sits Down with Easymeeting’s Caity Serra

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Video conferencing solutions often go underutilized because of unnecessary hiccups during the adoption process. The good news is many of these hiccups are avoidable with the right upfront insight.

In this exclusive interview, Caity Serra, Easymeeting’s Chief Operations Officer, sheds light on what’s preventing companies from capitalizing on video conferencing technology and how they can overcome these challenges with the right education and support. She also outlines how important partnering with a value-added reseller like Select Communications can be to unlocking new value in collaboration technology.

Covered in the Interview…

  • What prevents companies from capitalizing on video conferencing solutions
  • Behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the challenges and discoveries Easymeeting has encountered using its own technology
  • Common stigmas associated with remote collaboration, and how to overcome them


caity-serra-of-easymeetingCaity Serra, COO, Easymeeting
As Easymeeting’s Chief Operations Officer, Caity optimizes day-to-day activities at the Easymeeting Americas office for efficiency, creativity and innovation. She has nearly a decade of leadership experience at some of the country’s largest corporations and takes a user-centric approach to helping teammates and customers solve problems and streamline inefficiencies.

Aaron Winkelmann, Select Communicationsaaron winkelmann
Aaron works with Select Communications to translate the experiences of partners and customers into compelling stories that shed light on the value of unified communications and collaboration solutions. Aaron is a talented marketer with vast experience in helping clients of all sizes and verticals accomplish goals, solve problems and reach key audiences.

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