Web Conferencing

What is Web Conferencing? Web Conferencing is an online medium by which you can hold conferences and meetings over the Internet, which can be done even if all the participants are not geographically localized. The basic things that you need for a web conference are your browser and an Internet connection. With these things at […]

Video Conferencing

What is Video Conferencing? Video Conferencing is teleconferencing in which video images are transmitted among the various geographically separated participants in a meeting. Originally done using analog video and satellite links, today video conferencing uses compressed digital images transmitted over wide area networks or the Internet.  

Reservationless Audio

How long does it take to get my conference call information? You will have your conference call information within 24 hours. How many people can I have on an audio conference call? Every reservationless audio account has a default of 150 audio lines. Contact your Sales Executive or Account Manager if you need your accounts […]

Operator-Assisted Audio

How do I make a reservation? To schedule an operator-assisted conference call, please contact your Account Manager or call us at 855-520-4500. What is a “pre-conference”? With an operator-assisted conference, speakers can reserve a private speaker “pre-conference” to collaborate privately before the call begins. This is often known as the “green room” for speakers and […]


What makes Select Communications different than other unified communication & collaboration providers? Select Communications has developed strategic relationships with the top UC & collaboration providers and integrated our award winning audio conferencing into the platforms. This allows us to match your organization with the best suite that meets your needs. We make sure your company […]

Cloud Phone System

Is it easy to adjust a cloud phone system on-the-fly? Cloud phone systems remove the need for expensive and time consuming service calls. The intuitive control panel allows changes whenever needed. How long does it take to get a new employee set up? Roughly 10 minutes. You can even have a pre-provisioned desk phone shipped […]


What is Universal Service Frund? The Universal Service Fund was created by the United States Federal Communications Commission in 1997 to meet Congressional universal service goals as mandated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. What is Telecome Cost Recovery? Telecom Cost Recovery is a fee that is mandated by the utilities commission to all telecommunications […]