Reservationless Audio

How long does it take to get my conference call information?

You will have your conference call information within 24 hours.

How many people can I have on an audio conference call?

Every reservationless audio account has a default of 150 audio lines. Contact your Sales Executive or Account Manager if you need your accounts setup with more ports. You can host an unlimited number of people with our operator-assisted call options.

Do I have to call to schedule an audio conference each time?

No reservations are required! You will be provided with a Permanent Toll-Free and Direct Toll Dial-In number, with a Leader/Host and Participant code when you sign up. Simply use them every time you want to conduct a conference call!

Do I get my own Toll-Free access number for the conference calls?

Yes, a Permanent Toll-Free number will be provided to you.

Do you support International callers into the conference call?

Our service does support International callers in more than 100 countries. They can access the conference using the Direct Dial-In (TOLL) number. Or you can use our global “800″ service to provide your participants Toll- Free access within their country. We provide a list of supported countries on our International Audio page.

Can I record my conference call?

Yes, you can record the audio portion of your conference by using the keypad commands and following the instructions provided by the prompts.

What causes echo in audio conference?

Echoes are most commonly caused by speaker phones, Polycom phones, VoIP telephones, headsets, cell phones, or just a bad connection from an individual participant. If you experience an echo/reverb/clipping on a conference, you can have participants individually mute their lines (using the keypad commands), the leader/host can signal an operator who will identify the problematic line or the leader/host can put the call into lecture mode to mute all lines.

Can I dial out to participants when I am already in the conference call?

Yes. Your account is provisioned for domestic dial-out upon signup. The dial-out feature is useful for joining participants to a conference call. From within the conference, use the keypad command as the host and follow the instructions. Upon request, we can also enable International Dial-out capabilities.

How long does it take to get a conference call set up?

Within 24 hours of completing the signup process, you will receive a Welcome Email with everything you need to immediately begin utilizing your conferencing service.

How do I calculate conference call minutes?

Conference call minutes are calculated by multiplying the number of participants, including the Moderator or Leader of the conference, by the number of minutes the call lasts. For example, if you host a 30 minute with 5 participants and 2 speakers, there is a total of 210 minutes (7 x 30).

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