Operator-Assisted Audio

How do I make a reservation?

To schedule an operator-assisted conference call, please contact your Account Manager or call us at 855-520-4500.

What is a “pre-conference”?

With an operator-assisted conference, speakers can reserve a private speaker “pre-conference” to collaborate privately before the call begins. This is often known as the “green room” for speakers and also referred to as a speaker sub-conference.

How long does it take to get my participant list after call completion?

Participant lists are typically sent via email or fax within two hours following the conclusion of a conference. Upon request, special arrangements can be made to email or fax participant lists during or at the conclusion of a conference. The list will include participant names and may also include other information specified at the time of reservation.

Can you tell me more about “Conference Recording”?

Recording is a value-added service that allows the conference call to be recorded on standard cassette tape or CD-Rom. Wav files are also available via a Web link. It is recommended that you copy this file to your own Website for streaming. For an additional fee, customers may order a soft-copy of their recorded file (.wav), which can be sent via email.

What are some of the features provided with the Operator-Assistaed Audio Service

  • Ideal for important calls or events that require high-touch hand-holding such as high-profile, C-level communication such as investor relations calls, merger/acquisition announcements, all employee calls
  • Supports a wide range of audience sizes ranging from 5 to 10,000
  • Full-service operator coordination, monitoring, and support
  • Participant list and roll call service available
  • Operator greetings and placement into call
  • Customizable greeting and information capture
  • Operator-managed Q&A sessions
  • Toll and toll-free access or operator dial-out
  • Security screening, password access
  • Full suite of Enhanced Services
  • Web Based Participant Management – online tools that enables the meeting organizer to view who has joined the call, manage the question queue, and chat with the conference operator
  • Digital Playback/ Conference Playback – a digital recording of the conference can be accessed via a toll or toll-free number for those unable to attend ‘live’
    Recording services available in a variety of formats including CD, cassette, .wav or MP3 files
  • Transcription/Translation services – transcription of the conferences available as Microsoft Office® Word, plain text or rich text document. Translations of the transcripts are also available in several languages.
  • Participant List – receive an attendance list of participants via fax or e-mail
    Communication Line – dedicated operator provides ongoing conference updates and communication status in a private, separate line

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