Small Business Technology Consulting

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Did you know 70% of business transformations fail because consultants fail to address the real problems the business is facing. No wonder business owners and managers are wary of small business technology consulting.

But that’s not to say all consultants are bad. Experienced teams are great resources for business intelligence, business reorganization strategies, and improving business technology

And as a small business, you likely don’t have a lot of margin to make costly mistakes. 

In this article we look at some common mistakes when hiring consultants – and the impact they can have. We’ll also look at how you can save your business from going down the rabbit hole.


4 Ways Small Business Technology Consulting Can Hurt Your Business

A small business IT consulting company is usually hired for its:

  • Extensive IT expertise 
  • Experience implementing proven solutions
  • Ability to streamline operations
  • Implement technologies and manage projects
  • Develop roadmaps that align with your business goals

If the consultants’ grand vision doesn’t suit your business, you can end up lowering employees’ productivity and raising costs. So why does that happen?

1- Hiring the Wrong Small Business Technology Consulting Team

The number one pitfall of hiring IT consulting services is hiring the wrong consultant. Too many people claim to be ‘experts’ in the field, without the expertise to back up that claim.

Instead of benefitting from proven solutions, your business ends up being be led by misguided and wrong advice. 

Always ask for references and understand your consultants’ success stories before you commit.

2- Expensive Small Business Technology Consulting 

While technology consulting services can offer expert advice and action, they can be an expensive proposition. So much so, the savings can be less than the cost of hiring the consultants. 

It’s always beneficial to assess at the outset what your outlay will be and what return you can expect in terms of increased revenue and reduced expenses.

The best option is to work with a consultant that doesn’t charge your business anything.

3- No Guaranteed Results 

Most small business consultants don’t offer guarantees about results. This means if the bottom line doesn’t meet your expectations after the project, there’s not much you can do.

Look at it another way – if consultants don’t provide any guarantees, what incentive do they have to find the best solutions for your business? 

Make sure you understand exactly what your consultants are offering, plan timelines, and establish the long-term results you expect. Only the most reputable consultants (with a track record of success) will be willing to commit to written guarantees in the contract.

4- Limited Availability

Technology consulting firms typically work with multiple businesses at once, meaning their attention, time, and availability is divided.

Since many clients must be managed, their service and response times can be erratic. If you need to speak to someone urgently, they may simply not be available. 

It’s also possible that the consultants may only help you plan the strategy, not implement it. That’s an additional burden for your internal team, which may not be familiar with the project in the first place.

Make sure your consultants have the capacity to meet your service expectations.


Small Business Technology Consulting Done Right

It’s easy to be skeptical about consultants but when you work with the right people, you can unlock:

  • Huge savings across your IT stack
  • A competitive advantage with new technologies
  • Potential in your own organization
  • Protection against data loss

At Select Communications, you’ll work with a team with over 25 years of experience but still maintains a family-like environment. 

We also focus on what matters – such as a written low price guarantee. It’s why 98% of clients return to us for their business needs.

Book your free audit today and find out how we’ll help you save costs and improve your technology.

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