Why Your SMB Needs UCaaS

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Back when UC technologies only appealed to the largest enterprises, SMBs weren’t able to access its benefits. But thanks to evolving tech, UC’s benefits can now apply to almost every business thanks to cloud technologies and “Unified-Communications-as-a-Service” (or UCaaS). What are those benefits for SMBs?


Compared to traditional telephony systems, the cost of making calls—in-house or even long-distance—with a UCaaS application is much cheaper. Most importantly, the businesses turning to hosted UCaaS are seeing reductions in the time needed to maintain these systems giving time back to IT departments and other administrators. Any changes that need to be made, such as adding and subtracting lines or changing numbers, can be accomplished through a software application instead of requiring IT workers to visit the station itself. Furthermore, with a hosted service, the service provider does all the maintenance and upgrades independently of your organization.

Hosted UCaaS also gives organizations a set cost month-to-month to help out in business planning. Instead of cost changing wildly due to the ebbs and flows of a telephony system’s use, hosted UCaaS gives businesses a single number they can understand and plan around whenever budgeting is discussed.


No matter the organization, every business needs to engage with customers and keep the conversation going between the people dedicated to a business’s success. UCaaS boosts the productivity of communication by integrating many different aspects of correspondence into one systems. For example, an individual talking on the phone can send data packets or switch to video communication quickly on the same system. Highly mobile workers will find access to their messages without having to enter the home office, or they can quickly switch from desk phones to mobile phones maintaining communication even when called away from the desk.

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Having UCaaS gives mobile workers a better way to stay away from the home office and pursue the work that can’t be done at a desk. Even if potential customers call the home office, simultaneous ringing can alert on-the-move workers of an incoming call. As mentioned before, mobile workers will be able to access messages from a remote location. As for remote workers, UCaaS allows businesses to transfer existing numbers to different locations without hassle; the only thing needed for a phone to work is an Internet connection and power. This gives businesses the option to move business phones to a worker’s home office without losing the phone line number.

These options are just some of the basics of the mobile advantages that UCaaS provides. Installing a UCaaS system allows a business to stay on top of the mobile revolution and give mobile workers better options to maintain efficient communications.

Through cost, productivity and increased mobility, businesses of all sizes are unlocking the benefits of UCaaS systems. Ignoring this potential game-changing technology in favor of old telephony systems may not seem like an urgent need, but by looking at what advantages that UCaaS systems provide, keeping the same systems may be limiting your business’s success.

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