Why Do SMBs Want Cloud Communications?

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Cloud communications were once a cost-prohibitive collaboration tool only larger businesses could really afford and explore. That’s no more. Now unified communications and collaboration are the target of business owners and IT leaders at SMBs. Cisco discovered this and more in a recent study involving over 50 one-on-one interviews.

While cloud communications are taking a back seat to common priorities like competition, costs and revenues, 86% of interviewees have cloud communications on their mind. These tools would be used to replace current communications resources and bolster collaboration in the workplace – and there’s more to it than just that.

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What’s the Benefit for SMBs?

Unified communications (UC) tools provided over the cloud are becoming popular among SMBs for many reasons. The first is collaboration – the ability for team members over multiple locations to communicate and team up on projects. In smaller companies, employees wear multiple hates, and some hats take employees off-site. With UC, that’s not a concern.

The second is ease of delivery. Cloud services don’t need to be installed in an office. That eliminates hassle, saves office space and gets these tools in the hands of employees fast. These tools are also scalable for when SMBs hit growth spurts.

Finally, there’s also diversity of services. It’s called “unified” communications for a reason. It’s not just chatting over instant messaging or sending emails. UC includes voice, presence monitoring, conferencing and even the good ole’ stalwart fax machine.

With so many reasons to switch, it makes sense SMBs may want to adopt these solutions. But how many have actually adopted UC?While the market interest for cloud communications tools is there, only 23% of interviewees have gone through the process of installing UC throughout their organizations. A large number of SMBs will be looking to try out unified communications tools over the near term.

Where Can SMBs Turn for Cloud Communications?

As unified communications reseller with strong relationships with top providers, Select Communications can meet business needs for improve collaboration at industry-low prices. Along the way, we’ll be there to help you use these tools so you get the best return on your UC investment. Take a look at our product offerings and give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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