Communicate more effectively with device-agnostic audio conferencing solutions.

Audio Conferencing Solutions

Knit together various callers on different devices with an integrated audio conferencing solution.

Audio conferencing enables businesses to collaborate efficiently regardless of device or communication system. 

In today’s BYOD culture, it’s not uncommon to have various employees communicate over disparate systems or devices. Audio conferencing provides a universal bridge that connects multiple callers into one seamless, device-agnostic conference.

With the right audio conferencing solution, companies can also collaborate easily between remote workers, regardless of location. The result is more engaging conferencing that empowers organizations through anytime, anywhere communication.

Before intital investment, companies are turning to experienced third-parties like Select Communications for an unbiased perspective into pairing the right audio conferencing technology with business requirements. Select Communication holds years of experience collected from hundreds of similar projects,  providing businesses with critical insight into industry vendors and solutions, so you can leverage decades of accumulated knowledge to inform your purchase of audio conferencing solutions.

What to Consider When Looking For Audio Conferencing Solutions

Consider the following benchmark elements of an audio conferencing solution before making your final decision. With the right list of requirements to inform purchasing, companies can make smarter audio conferencing investments and maximize ROI.

Features and Functionality

  • Can you add and remove users easily?
  • Does the solution require peripheral hardware/software?
  • Does it include operator assistance to help callers as needed?

End-User Experience

  • Can you silo or partition callers having technical difficulties to avoid derailing a meeting?
  • How much bandwidth does it use, and can it account for remote worker requirements?
  • Is there robust access from multiple devices?

Overall Cost

  • Are costs itemized by user, project, and client for easy pass-through billing?
  • Are there hidden management costs?
  • Does it provide for toll-free international calling?

Leverage an Expert Opinion

If you have any questions regarding a current or future audio conferencing project, talk with an expert at Select Communications. With our decades of experience researching, purchasing and installing audio conferencing solutions, we can provide an unbiased perspective on a wide range of vendor options, so you can choose the right solution for your specific requirements.

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