Maintain critical face-to-face communication through seamless video conferencing solutions.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Add a personal dynamic to client meetings, potential employee interviews or business-critical conversations with the right video conferencing solution.

As technology pushes businesses into a more mobile and global landscape, companies require flexible ways to communicate over great distances while maintaining a personal connection.

This fundamental change affects the overall businesses environment, prompting a need for innovative solutions to solve today’s unique communication problems. Spur-of-the-moment meetings and face-to-face interaction are a critical component to business operation, and with the right video conferencing solution, employees can meet anytime, anywhere while maintaining personalized lines of communication.

Easymeeting is exactly what I was looking for in an audio/visual conferencing system – easy for me to set up; easy for attendees to join meetings; easy to share videos or presentations – and the system is clear and sharp. Jess and the support group are quick to respond to any questions that I have.
Amy L. GrantVice President/Senior Administrative Assistant, Civista Bank

Whether businesses need to connect an elaborate room-based system, various computers, tablets or smartphones, choosing a solution that knits these disparate elements together in a single low-latency video conferencing experience is essential. Additionally, video conferencing that enables deeper engagement with face-to-face interaction is top of mind for businesses globally.

In order to solve all these unique challenges, many companies are turning to outside resources for insight into various video conferecing solutions. By leveraging the expertise of an unbiased third party like Select Communications, companies can utilize decades of vendor insight to inform video conferecing investments.

What to Consider When Evaluating Video Conferencing Solutions

Consider the following benchmark elements of a video conferencing solution before making your final decision. With the right list of requirements to inform purchasing, companies can make smarter video conferencing investments and maximize ROI.

Features and Functionality

  • Is the application itself lightweight or bandwidth-intensive?
  • Does it integrate an existing audio conferencing bridge for those who prefer abstaining from the video portion of meetings?
  • Can you record or stream conferences to social media or an existing website?

End-User Experience

  • Can the software easily traverse different firewalls?
  • Can you silo or partition callers having technical difficulties to avoid derailing a meeting?
  • Is the software BYOD-compatible?

Overall Cost

  • Will you need to upgrade infrastructure to accommodate any change in bandwidth requirements?
  • Do you need peripheral hardware?
  • Consider the future viability of any hardware–will it require annual upgrades or repairs?

Leverage an Expert Opinion

If you have any questions regarding a current or future video conferencing project, talk with an expert at Select Communications. With our decades of experience researching, purchasing and installing video conferencing solutions, we can provide an unbiased perspective on a wide range of vendor options, so you can choose the right soIution for your specific requirements.

We provide a wide variety of hardware options to all of our customers. Hardware options available include the following:


Polycom RealPresence Group Series

Enterprise-grade video, voice and collaboration experiences to accelerate decision-making and foster innovation.

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Yealink Video Systems

Yealink video conferencing equipment enables users to connect and collaborate more effectively.

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Lifesize Icon Series

From mobile-to-mobile exchanges to large auditorium gatherings, Lifesize delivers one solution for businesses to connect people.

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HuddleCamHD Conference Cameras

HuddleCamHD offers cameras with various fields of view and optical zoom options from 3X to 30X.

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Beyond vendor assessments and recommendations, Select Communications offers a variety of implementation services from initial planning to installation including…

  • On-site assessment and consultation
  • Room Design
  • Technology Deployment
  • Hardware Installation

Perhaps the best value we can offer is end-to-end solution design to ensure you get the technology solutions you need fully set-up and running according to your requirements.

Start leveraging robust yet affordable video conferencing solutions today.