Easymeeting is a cloud-based service that allows you to connect live into the same meeting using video conferencing systems, computers and mobile devices. The Easymeeting service is a great way to have face-to-face meetings with business partners, customers and colleagues. Accessible through the cloud, anyone with internet access can join a meeting.


  • Easier to connect than making a phone call
  • Compatible with any device and all standards-based video conferencing systems
  • No costly investments in internal resources
  • Friendly support from our Easy Meeting experts to ensure high quality meeting experiences
  • Subscriptions based on your needs and scalable to grow with your company
  • Creates a flexible workplace for remote users
  • Reduce travel budgets and your company’s carbon footprint
  • Works on PC/Mac’s and mobile devices
  • Online help desk and live support
  • User trainings to make customers feel comfortable with services and technology
  • Your own meeting ID, making AdHoc meetings easy to join
  • Easily integrates with existing video systems within the organization
  • Do not need to host call bandwidth