Polycom delivers a superior experience in every workspace with an easy to use and consistent workflow—all with amazing full HD video, HD content sharing, embedded electronic whiteboard and full integration with personal and mobile devices.


RealPresence Medialign

These all-in-one centers create consistency within your organization while allowing you to choose the proper size for each specific room.

RealPresense Group Series

Group Series drives enterprise-grade video, voice and collaboration experiences, accelerating decision-making and fostering innovation. A video collaboration experiences that brings geographically dispersed teams together.

RealPresense Group Convene

Rich video and content experiences for small group and personal collaboration. A flexible system that works together with the RealPresence Group 310 or 500, allowing you to deploy the right solution based on the unique needs of each room.

Polycom RealPresense Centro

Designed for work groups, classrooms and teams that want more engaged collaboration. It serves as a collaboration and content sharing hub.

RealPresense Trio

Combining voice quality with the additional capabilities of personal content sharing and business-class videoconferencing, Trio can be flexibly deployed anywhere, from huddle rooms to boardrooms.

RealPresense Debut

Enterprise grade video conferencing solution made simple, and affordable for huddle rooms and smaller spaces. Delivers cost-effective collaboration for smaller organizations that are ready to move up from consumer-grade alternatives.