To broadcast a virtual event to hundreds – or thousands – of individuals, Select Communications offers advanced webcasting solutions. Webcasting pioneered the use of rich media for internet broadcasting and today, we have the most robust offerings for companies seeking to stream audio and video to their customers, partners, shareholders or employees, regardless of geographic location.

Webcasting solutions are an ideal way for businesses to share information with a select and geographically scattered audience – with plenty of visual aids to make sure that everyone gets the same message. You can slash travel costs, accelerate communication and get immediate feedback with this versatile tool. Webcasts can help companies announce such things as mergers or relocations, explain changes in employee benefits, launch new products, offer training programs and much more.


Live Event Support Services

If you’re like many of our clients, you’re tired of webcast failures: audio problems, video problems, log-in problems. We’re in the problem-eliminating business. Our dedicated webcast producers support your webcast onsite or remotely, giving your presenters and audience the support they need to ensure a successful webcast, every time.

Webcast Production Services

The quality of your webcast is only as good as the production enables it to be. Professional onsite encoding services are the key to ensuring the professional delivery of your broadcast. Broadcast-quality audio and video production engage your audience to create an optimum learning experience.

Connect with a world-wide audience

Select Communications provides a robust, reliable medium for delivering interactive communications to users anywhere in the world. Broadcast live video, interactive presentations, and engage users with text Q&A, interactive polling, on-demand video, and much more.

Multi-Location Meeting Management Services

Our Event Management Team ensures that your audience receives the same consistent experience, anywhere in the world. You get one point of contact through the entire planning process, streamlined communication, real-time updates and the peace of mind knowing the details are taken care of.

Onsite Venue Services


Need support for your remote meeting locations to watch the webcast? You know we’ve got you covered! Our team provides Internet bandwidth site surveys, audio-visual services, and onsite technical and meeting management services to ensure a great experience for your audience.