State of Disruption Series Part 2: Four Hard-Hitting Digital Transformation Statistics

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Our 2019 State of Disruption report revealed that 85% of technology leaders polled have a digital transformation plan in place and over half rate themselves as “extremely confident” in their plan. This is great news. These numbers paint a positive picture of both the in-house staffs designing these digital transformation plans and the solution providers supporting these enterprises along their journey. But as you dig deeper into the survey results, you see a stark contrast between large enterprises and small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Here are four of the most hard-hitting digital transformation statistics from the report:

1. 84% of the largest enterprises ($1B+) have extreme confidence in their digital transformation plans.

Maybe this statistic isn’t a huge surprise given the amount of budget, expertise and resources available to enterprises of this size, but 84% is a massive swathe of the industry. Again, what a testament to the progress IT experts and solution providers have made at the enterprise level.

2. Only 47% of second-tier enterprises ($100M-$1B) rate as extremely confident in their plans.

What’s most surprising about this statistic is the massive disparity between these enterprises and the largest ones. Keep in mind, we’re still talking about huge organizations with large IT budgets and skilled in-house staffs, and 93% of these tier two enterprises admit to having a digital transformation plan in place. Whether the drop-off in confidence is due to a perceived lack of experience, direction, skillsets or sufficient technologies, your guess is as good as ours.

3. SMBs have the least amount of confidence in their plans.

Maybe the fact that smaller organizations have less confidence in their digital transformation strategies isn’t a huge shocker either, but here’s what’s surprising to us: Enterprise-grade technology has never been more affordable and accessible, and yet only 39% of the smallest companies (<$1M) and less than 70% of the next largest ($1-10M) have transformation plans in place. These statistics pale in comparison to larger enterprises, revealing massive opportunities for solution providers and channel partners to really go deep to help lead SMB transformation projects.

4. Healthcare is a digital laggard.

With so much being written about artificial intelligence sweeping through hospitals and the digitization of healthcare data, it’s surprising to see that only 67% of our respondents have transformation plans in place. What’s more, only 29% of those respondents are extremely confident in their plans. To us, that’s a bit shocking and leaves us asking more questions about what’s slowing digital rollouts in that industry.

Stay tuned for part three of our State of Disruption blog series, where we’ll take a closer look at the channel, exploring how enterprises are leveraging the support of trusted advisors today and the opportunities that may exist in the future.

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