State of Disruption Series Part 3: Three Solution Areas Where Trusted Advisors are Underutilized

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In part two of our series unpacking the 2019 State of Disruption report, we explored the surprising (and not-so surprising) statistics around digital transformation investments. Now we’re taking a look at how enterprises are leveraging the channel to push these investments forward.

Business Leaders: We Need Trusted Advisors

According to the survey, 82% of survey respondents work with trusted advisors in the channel to make and execute technology purchasing decisions. Survey results also show that enterprises are primarily tapping advisors for investments in cloud-based compute services.

Digging deeper into the statistics reveals industry plays a role in how trusted advisors are utilized. Enterprises in manufacturing, financial services and retail prove more likely to use advisors for managed security services, while healthcare organizations leverage them for investments in data network infrastructure and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Other takeaways from our survey of trusted advisor usage include:

  • Enterprises that work with trusted advisors report increased confidence in their abilities to innovate
  • Increased agility, flexibility and scalability are the top priorities of IT decision making
  • ROI is the lowest priority for IT decision making

Three Areas Where Trusted Advisors are Underutilized

Despite growing popularity of leveraging external resources to make tech investments, the report uncovers three areas where enterprises may be underutilizing trusted advisors:

  1. Voice telecommunication services — only 41% of respondents leverage advisors in this area.
  2. SaaS applications — nearly half of respondents are missing out on external knowledge and expertise here.
  3. Data network infrastructure — 45% of respondents aren’t tapping advisors for support here.

Next up in our State of Disruption series, we’ll be breaking down the characteristics of technology leaders and laggards.

Miss part two of the series? You can read it here.

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This article was originally published on the Telecom Reseller website here.

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