State of Disruption Series Part 4: Leaders vs. Laggards—Why Technologists Fall Behind

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In our last segment on the 2019 State of Disruption report, we unpacked why most survey respondents rely on advisors to execute technology purchasing initiatives. This time, we’re taking a closer look at what makes leaders (those who feel ahead of their competitors in innovation) and laggards (those who feel behind).

Interestingly, 74% of those who feel ahead rely on trusted advisors for assistance. It makes sense—being isolated in any decision-making capacity is not ideal. Most decision makers benefit from having resources, options and a full view of ROI potential. Without expertise, it’s tough to feel confident in a digital transformation agenda. Not surprisingly, only 33% of laggards admit to feeling confident about their digital transformation strategy.

The survey results reveal significant “innovation gaps” between leaders in laggards when it comes to specific solution areas. When asked to assess their digital transformations cross five key areas of technology adoption, leaders outpace laggards by significant percentages.

Here’s a breakdown of how far ahead leaders are in adopting certain technologies:

  • 11% for data network infrastructure
  • 25% for cloud-based/managed cybersecurity providers
  • 34% for datacenter colocation
  • 38% for cloud-based compute services
  • 41% for voice telecommunication services

These statistics beg the question: What keeps laggards from consulting a technology expert?

Top 3 Reasons Laggards Are Not Confident in their Digital Transformation

Technology leaders tend to feel stuck because of:

  1. Lack of internal IT resources
  2. Lack of internal IT expertise
  3. Lack of sufficient transformation-specific budget

These numbers may not explain why laggards don’t utilize technology experts. However, they do indicate a common problem. Given that 85% of technologists report having digital transformation plans on the horizon, it pays to be prepared, especially in a “transform or die” climate.

If you want to learn more about the state of the technology market in 2019, stay tuned for our next blog on the expansion of SD-WAN.

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