State of Disruption Series Part 5: SD-WAN Rules the Market

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In part five of our series on AVANT’s 2019 State of Disruption, we dissect one of its key findings: SD-WAN is the year’s most disruptive technology. Why? Because, according to survey respondents, SD-WAN implementation has a whopping 13% Rate of Disruption Index (RDI) across all industries.

Here’s the RDI breakdown by industry:

  • Consulting/Business Services 20%
  • Manufacturing 16%
  • Financial Services 13%
  • Ecommerce 11%
  • Healthcare/Medical 11%

Before we go deeper into the survey results, let’s break down how AVANT calculated RDI. First, we surveyed 300 technology decision makers, asking them to rate where their network infrastructure fell at the end of 2018. For SD-WAN, the metrics were 1 (being 100% no SD-WAN) all the way to 10 (utilizing all SD-WAN networks). Second, they asked respondents to position the same measurement for the end of 2019. By dividing the second number over the first, they get rate by which companies will switch to SD-WAN by the end of this year.

A Closer Look at SD-WAN’s Rate of Disruption


RDI by Company Size

  • $1 million – 10 million – 16% adoption
  • $10 million – 100 million – 15% adoption
  • $100 million – 1 billion – 13% adoption
  • Greater than $1 billion – 8% adoption

RDI by Industry & Company Size

The report also identifies the three most “disruptive hotspots” based on industry and company sizes:

  1. Financial Services, $1-10 million in revenue
  2. Manufacturers, $10-$100 million in revenue
  3. Healthcare, $10 million – $100 million in revenue

Where SD-WAN Leaves the State of MPLS

Many believe the SD-WAN surge will obsolete Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks, but AVANT’s report may say otherwise. Tune in for the next entry into our series where we explore the state of MPLS expansion.

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This article was originally published on the Telecom Reseller website here.

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