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For SMBs looking to upgrade their telecom systems for 43% less than the competition

Telecom Consulting With the Industry’s Only Low Price Guarantee

We’ll help you upgrade your telecom systems in a way that supports your business strategy, reduces costs, and improves customer experiences.

Our only concern is getting you the voice, data and video technologies that meet your business goals and objectives, and at the lowest price.

When was the last time you came under budget for anything? We have 25 years of experience in telecom consulting to help our clients cut costs by 43% on avg.

Get right-sized hardware and software packages tailored to your company by leveraging deep industry relationships and industry advisors.

We’re not your everyday consultants. As one of the leading telecom consulting companies, we help you solve business challenges first and focus on technology second. 

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Businesses That Rely on Us for Telecom Consulting

Align Technology With Your Business Goals

We help you unlock performance improvements and deliver better service to clients through telecom solutions.

Let Us Find the Right Solution

Stop wasting time on endless product demos. We’ll vet more than 300 vendors & providers and find the best solution for you at the lowest cost.

Unparalleled Expertise at No Cost

Save thousands on technology consulting with our telecom consulting firm. Find out how you can get expert advice at no cost.

Get the Best Solution for You

Find a telecom solution that’s perfect for your business model with consultants who are completely brand agnostic. It’s why 98% of clients buy solutions we recommend.

Favorable Terms and Conditions

Benefit from long-standing vendor relationships and our understanding of the market to get you the best prices (in writing) and terms you will not find elsewhere.

White Glove Service That Supports You

Unlike other tech consultants we don’t disappear after the sale. We provide ongoing support after the sale – and can step in with executive escalation when needed.

Get the Technology You Want

Select Communications works with the biggest names in the telecom industry. It’s why we can source any technology for your business – from cloud-based systems to hosted PBX providers.

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Benefits of Working With Our Telecom Consulting Company

Comprehensive Telecom Strategy Consulting

Our down-to-earth approach to consulting helps you get clear answers and effective solutions that sync with your business objectives.

Customized Strategy

We analyze your business from top to bottom to develop a customized strategy that will help you reduce costs, improve service, and further your business goals. Learn more about our telecom audit.

Right-Size Solutions 

The one-size-fits-all approach adds overheads without adding value. With our help, you will deploy solutions and services that are tailored for your business.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

average cost savings for clients
client retention rate
of clients implement our recommendations
years of industry experience

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Partners First, Telecom Consultants Second

With our telecom consulting, you get preferred pricing and solutions for your business needs.

Telecom Consulting Services For Planning New Solutions and Getting the Best Rates.

Build a robust telecom strategy and develop a customized plan that supports your business goals with one of the leading consulting firms.

Gain a competitive advantage with superior technology at the lowest prices. We are the only ones who provide a low price guarantee in writing

Take advantage of over 25 years of experience and time-tested strategies – without paying anything.

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