What is Telecom Management?

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Businesses are spending too much on telecommunications management without realizing it. A study found that many ‘waste millions’ on solutions that don’t add value. 

If you’re not getting the quality of service you need or your telecom solutions are becoming a bottomless money pit, it’s time to deep-dive into your telecom strategy. 

So, what is telecommunications management? It’s the process of planning, implementing, and managing telecom and connectivity solutions that the business needs. Telecom teams are routinely responsible for:

  • Carriers
  • Service contracts
  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Internal training
  • Bills and budgets 
  • Coordinating with customer service
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Reporting to management

A fairly hefty laundry list of items then. It’s why though telecommunications were once managed by the information technology team, today businesses rely on professionals dedicated to the task.


Why Telecom Management Is Important for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Telecom management is important for every business, large or small. However, especially so for SMBs because the performance and ROI of telecom solutions have a very real impact on the success of the business

Done right, effective telecommunications management can help you gain a competitive edge through:

  • Improved internal collaboration
  • Superior quality of service
  • Better resource allocation

That said, managing services (and costs) can prove difficult for internal teams. Teams often have neither up-to-date market intelligence nor the ability to negotiate favorable terms and pricing arrangements. It’s why many SMBs turn to telecom management services for advice.


Best Strategies to Improve Telecommunication Management

Chances are you too are looking for ways to streamline your telecom services (you should be, it’s one of the top 10 costs for most US businesses). 

We’ve compiled a few simple ways you can improve telecom management and lower costs for your business.

1- Build a Dedicated Telecom Management Team

Letting your accounts or IT team manage telecom services is tempting, but it’s a recipe for high-cost and low-quality services. We’ve already touched on the many hats telecom management requires, and having a dedicated Telecom consulting team is vital.

The dedicated oversight can help identify employees who’re consuming services the most; find bills for services you don’t even use; receive feedback on service quality and implement fixes.

2- Offload Unnecessary Features  

Review your bills to see what features your business is paying for. Legacy features like long-distance calling are more or less redundant in the age of VoIP. 

Continuing on that, assess your internet bandwidth and data requirements too. Over time, needs change but old plans can continue to hog the budget.

You may also be paying your telecom services provider for features (such as call waiting) that are already included with your phone system. 

3- Remove Add-on Services That You Don’t Need

What is Telecommunications Management?

Typically, the telecom services you agree on will include add-on services to your bundle. Add-on services may seem like a good idea at first, but your organization might not need them anymore over time. 

Examine your bill every month, keeping an eye out for any extra services that don’t serve your business’s needs.

4- Bundle Your Services

Try consolidating your services under one provider. Contracting with multiple providers for voice, data networks, and connectivity solutions can not only increase costs –  but also add the complexity of telecommunications management; requiring hours of time that could be better spent on growing the business. 


Bring Services on Track With Select Communication’s  Telecom Management Expertise

So how do you enhance telecommunication management to improve core business functions, provide better service organization-wide, and cut costs?

Like businesses across all 50 states do, trust Select Communications. We’re transparent telecom experts, advising clients on solutions that give them a competitive advantage. 

We’ll find the lowest possible price – guaranteed – and help you save 43% of your telecom costs. Get your Telecom Audit today.

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