Teleworking Programs Start in the Office

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Flexible work environments are more than just employee-preferred arrangements. Teleworking bolsters worker productivity, curbs employee dissatisfaction and keeps employees engaged with work. On the ops side, teleworking can reduce rental costs by creating offices that don’t require working space for all employees.

But it takes a lot of planning and forethought before teleworking can be implemented. While it may be simple enough to allow a few select individuals to telecommute, to receive the benefits of a company teleworking program requires a formalization of the process and acquisition of the necessary tools.

The best teleworkers have the support of their home office, clear guidelines and an attentive supervisor able to communicate needed information at a moment’s notice. A company-wide program can often include…

  • A teleworking expert able to take an active stance on creating the best teleworking option for your company
  • Data collection on an individual’s work style, job function and personality to find employees who would best benefit from a teleworking option
  • Guidelines outlining expectations of teleworkers to curb misuse or confusion while keeping flexibility high
  • The right tools and tech to help both teleworkers and home office workers alike
  • Training for teleworkers and supervisors so both understand the expectations of teleworking, can troubleshoot problems and make use of teleworking devices and apps
  • Social events or other face-to-face communication, like video conferencing, to ensure teleworkers stay social and engaged

No matter where your employee may be working, they need to be productive. Businesses that institute teleworking options and give teleworkers the tools to actively communicate with office supervisors see rises in productivity and lower operating costs.

If your business is looking to implement a company-wide teleworking program, we hope you’ll schedule a teleworking advisory meeting with Select Communications. We’ll be happy to talk about your options and how we can help you create an environment where teleworking thrives.

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