Three New Year’s Resolutions for the Workplace

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This time of year, we see a lot of self-reflections in our social feeds. Aunt Suzy wants to lose weight. The neighbor down the street wants to run a marathon. An old friend has decided to read more and spend less time online. The list goes on.

For the most part—and this will seem cynical—New Year’s resolutions die after a month or so. Local gyms and life coaches celebrate a quick peak in revenue, and that’s that. But some regimens are worth sticking with. Chief among them is career satisfaction and success.

Most of us spend more time at work than we do with friends and family. We invest so much into our careers, and our business leaders invest so much into us. That’s why we urge decision makers to think critically about the year ahead and develop a strategy to define and reach individual and enterprise success.

Below are three ways to boost engagement and efficiency this coming year. When your employees feel engaged and refreshed, they’re empowered to do their best work. That seems easy enough to understand. The question is how to empower employees.

1. Encourage Healthy Work-Life Balance

For any organization, whether you’re remote or not, striking the right work-life balance is the key to a healthy, happy existence. And it’s a balance many Americans fail to get right.

Did you know:

To remedy work-life balance issues, encourage your employees to set healthier goals this coming year. Encourage them to use their vacation time. Remind them that they’re only slotted to work x-number of hours—not anymore, not any less. You may even want to host a third-party professional, like a life coach or therapist, to define what “healthy” living looks like and provide your employees with productive ways to cope with stress.

2. Track Efficiency

Another way to ensure healthy work-life balance is to create efficiency metrics and track them. That way when an employee sees they’ve done 10 hours’ worth of work, they know that it’s time to stop. These metrics can inform everyday practices that shape productivity standards. They can also reveal lagging areas that require critical attention, as well as remarkable progress that deserves recognition.

3. Creative Collaboration

Here at Select, we provide companies with the technologies they need to efficiently communicate and connect. So we have some ideas about how to make conferencing and collaboration more exciting than that meeting right after lunch (which is more of an excuse to nap than anything else).

Here’s an idea: If your workforce is remote or you’re holding a video meeting with a client, try to come up with ways to elevate engagement and participation. Challenge your teammates to call in from the most interesting location. Use the collaboration technologies available to further your company’s agenda, mission and goals. Regardless of your setup, put innovative ways to engage clients and colleagues on the to-do list.

Whether you’ve already listed out your workplace resolutions or you haven’t even considered them, it’s never a bad time to think of cool ways to help yourself (and your employees) be happier and more productive at work.

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