Three Outside-the-Box Ideas for Boosting Technology Adoption at Your Workplace

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Whether you’re onboarding an employee or implementing a new collaboration solution, training is a necessary investment at every business. But just because it’s necessary doesn’t mean it’s always effective, and shortcomings during training lead to deficiencies in performance. Just look at the stats — a survey from Wyzant reports that nearly half of employees are unable to progress in their careers due to a lack of training.

The training barriers impeding employee advancement are the same ones shackling technology adoption. In fact, according to a survey by InformationWeek, the primary barrier to full adoption of unified communications (UC) solutions is that user bases don’t know how to use the technology. Yikes!

Overcoming training barriers has led many companies to discover innovative solutions — solutions that can also help ease technology adoption woes at your office.

1. Gamification

In an effort to increase training engagement, some companies (like Deloitte) have turned tedious training programs into competitions that include point accumulation, leaderboards and missions. Consider this tac when rolling out a new UC solution or productivity application. Activities as mundane as updating a contact record correctly or setting up an Office 365 account can morph into heated competitions for perks like free lunches or gift cards!

2. Micro-learning

Today’s “App Store” approach to using and consuming content is increasingly bleeding over into the workplace. Why not take advantage of it? Inspirus, for example, uses an employee engagement app that breaks an arduous education curriculum into bite-sized, game-oriented pieces of content that can be accessed anywhere from any device.

As teleworking gains momentum across the business landscape, Inspirus’ “micro-learning” approach could be a valuable addition to your remote work strategy. Micro-learning apps can help you roll out new technologies or processes to a remote workforce as well as ensure your remote staff stays engaged.

3. Digital Mentorship

A great way to break the monotony of one-dimensional corporate training programs is by personalizing them to the employee and turning training into a dialogue. Digital mentorship programs can be great assets in this regard. In the context of technology adoption, each employee is assigned a “digital mentor” who can guide their adoption, model best practices and answer questions. Not only does this drive adoption, but digital mentorship can also help new users understand the “why” behind a new technology or process. At Select Communications, we employ a peer-based mentor program that helps new hires get up to speed on our technologies and engrained in our company mission and philosophy.

Technology’s role in the workplace is expanding by the second, which increases the need for your employees (and you) to be proficient and comfortable with the tools you use to drive business. For this reason, corporate training isn’t going away. Businesses just need to get smarter and more people-oriented with their approaches.

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