Three Steps to Overcoming Hesitation about Cloud Phone Systems

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Incremental approach to cloud adoption proves effective for hesitant companies

Cloud technology has tightened its grip on communication infrastructures over the past year, so much so that the cloud market is expected to eclipse $140 billion in 2017. While adoption of cloud phone systems appears to be picking up speed across the enterprise landscape, some IT teams remain hesitant to make the jump – and this resistance is largely tied to two main factors: attachment to on-premises hardware and concerns about security.

Select Communications partner, Shelby Cooper, recently explored these two factors in an article for Channel Partners. Cooper highlights how many companies, small businesses in particular, struggle to justify the ROI of shifting from premises-based hardware to cloud phone systems or a cloud-based unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) model. In addition, he outlines how over half of IT leaders have concerns over the potential for security breaches and the lack of infrastructure visibility with cloud-based communications.

However, when facing these ROI and security concerns, it’s important for IT teams to remember that migration to cloud phone systems doesn’t have to happen overnight. In fact, taking a strategic, incremental approach helps companies overcome their initial hesitations about cloud technology, boost user adoption and realize the top-to-bottom benefits of cloud-based communications.

Cooper recommends companies take the following three steps to adopting cloud-based communications:

1. Consider a hybrid strategy

2. Identify the right provider

3. Know your network requirements

Read Cooper’s full article
to learn how to put each step into action and how they factor into smarter, more goal-oriented cloud adoption. Interested in a second-opinion on your network requirements before taking these three steps? Contact our cloud-adoption specialists at Select.

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