Top 2019 Collaboration Technology Trends  

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Technology of the future often creates some apprehension. In classic science fiction, technology is typically the villain, as it tends to restrict or replace culture. In our current real-life technology landscape, there are a lot of new technologies that seem like sci-fi dreams (or nightmares, depending on who you ask), like artificial intelligence or big data. While there are heated debates about the risks and benefits associated with these innovations, they are being developed, which propels society forward and forces us to ask the hard questions.  

The question we constantly need to ask ourselves in the face of technology innovation is this: How will this technology help my business solve problems? In this blog, we unpack the most impactful collaboration trends to date and how they’ll flourish in 2019. 

Unified Communications Continues to Dominate  

Since 2005, there has been a 115% increase in remote workforces. While working from home has its perks—you spend very little time commuting, have greater flexibility and less coworker distractions—telecommuting also has its pitfalls. Chief among them is lack of face time with the team. Unified communications eliminates this worry. With all your devices connected, you can message and talk face-to-face with coworkers whenever you please.  

Video Conferencing Becomes More Convenient 

Over the past decade we’ve leaned very heavily on text communication. Email and text messaging are intricately intertwined in our lives because they offer anytime/anywhere access. In the coming year, and years to come, we’ll see a shift from text to more personal forms of communication, like voice and video. We unpack this move in our blog, “The History of Voice Technology.” Soon, video will be just as convenient as text, with lightweight, on-the go options that produce high-quality presentations. And video emphasizes face-to-face connection, which arguably leads to increased care and value output.  

SD-WAN Investments Grow 

As the dependency on the internet grows, leaders will understand the cost-benefit analysis for solid bandwidth and connectivity. SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to managing wide area networks or WAN. It can help reduce costs, improve business application performance and agility and can optimize the end user’s experience.  

While having two internet feeds may increase spend up front, the return on investment is huge because now your internet speed is faster and more reliable, which streamlines operations tenfold. Read more about how to boost your connection speed here. One day, 5G will completely change our lives and the way we do business. Until then, SD-WAN is the best and brightest option for amplified connection speed and bandwidth for businesses.  

Connectivity Consolidation Becomes the Norm 

Imagine if you could efficiently manage all network connections and pay as you use. A novel concept, right? In 2019, vendors like Masergy will help companies place network bandwidth and usage data behind one pane of glass and offer simplified management tools. Instead of getting yourself locked into a contract, you’ll only pay for the computing power you use.  

Greater Emphasis on Team Collaboration  

As human beings, we crave connection with other people. Although we’re probably all familiar with the phrase, “I’m here to work, not make friends,” employers are starting to understand just how important social connections are, and they’re putting their money where their mouths are.   

This coming year, we’ll see more investments into culture. When we know one another, that’s when we do our best work. Since video technology and network improvements enable easy, anytime connections, there’s no excuse not to collaborate.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the latest and greatest collaboration technology, contact us now. We provide a free cost analysis that assesses your current technology spend and identifies potential savings.  



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